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Is it normal?


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It can be normal. Of course, if you were only seeing him for 2 weeks then it probably isn't, but for a longer relationship, the feeling of throwing up at this time would point to high stress or high emotional distress.


I know it will be hard, but try to take your mind off it. It will never be totally removed from it, but if you can focus on it a little less, it might help.

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Oh yeah it's normal. It's what I went through. I didn't eat for 48 hours post break-up. Just couldn't hold anything down. I laid on the couch and watched tv all day.


Fast forward to today - It's been one month post breakup. I'm feeling 10 times better than day 1. I keep myself busy. Surround myself with friends and family. I write my thoughts down every night since the breakup; I find it quite helpful when you translate your emotions down on paper. Also, ENA is a BIG help and a contributing factor in healing. It helps a ton when you gain insight and wisdom from other like-minded individuals.

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Thank you all.. I was with friends last night and I was able to eat a piece of pizza. Today.. however I'm again not able to eat anything.. just no desire.


It's normal and some people either eat a lot or don't eat at all. It's actually because your body is in fight or flight mode. Certain hormones are released when a breakup/abandonment occurs. It's normal and you will be able to eat again. Try just making sure you get some protein in your body. Force yourself to eat a little every 3-4 hours even if it's just a couple of bites of food.

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