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How to quit on good terms?

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I've been working for this company for 2 years. I am currently Job hunting,as I am moving to another area next month. I have an interview set up for tomorrow.


When do I let my current employer know?

Do I wait until the Prospect job does a reference check?


Let say I am giving a two-week notice who do I give it to? my supervisor or the Human resources lady/Owner?


I've had many jobs, But this is my first "professional" job


Thank you

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For my company when I moved areas I had to give it to my supervisor. Does your company have a manuel that they gave you?? If so look in it to see what you have to do as far as quitting goes. You will get a clearer understanding about it.


As for your attitude and performance on the job, just do your work to the best of your ability. Most supervisors will give you a good reference. Just avoid the apathetic approach to your current job.

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Most interviewing companies know not to contact a current employer. Your work history is different from references. Use the same references you used to get your current job, and don't notify your employer of anything unless and until you have a solid job offer with an exact start date.


Negotiate with new employer a start date far enough out to give standard two week notice plus maybe a week or so to vacation or organize your new life. Once you get an offer with start date IN WRITING, THEN is the time to give notice. I'd notify direct supervisor verbally first, then follow up by sending both HR and direct supervisor a resignation announcement in writing.


BTW--It's also standard practice to never tell anyone at your current company where you'll be working. This prevents any news travel that could get you sabotaged by an unknown person who knows someone at the new company. Just exchange personal info with people and tell they you'll follow with news of your new place after you settle in.

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