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I tell ex we can't be friends anymore hardest thing!


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I told my ex yesterday that we couldn't talk like we have been for last few months! N she said what u can't be friends with people why u dating n I said no not with feelings I have for you! It been roller coaster for last 12 months yall can read backstory! What do y'all think did I do right or what?


She tried texting me 3 times since saying hey what u doing? Guess u busy? N then tonight so I take you to good to text me now? Man i waited forever to get her back talking n we have since feb but she still in same crap with her bf! It's hard to avoid her am, hope I'm finally doing right thing to get her back or keep being friends gosh!

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I know where you are coming from Manchild, and if that is the right thing for you, then so be it. I guess there comes a point and it's unfair for you to keep yourself in limbo for any longer. Still, I think it looks okay at least that she is trying to contact you. Remain strong. However things work it, it will be what is meant to be.

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I need some advice you can read back story to long. Alot has transpired in last four months she texts me everyday and talks to me almost every night she has came and seen and met me few times last 3 weeks. She still has her loser boyfriend and she tells me all the time she wants end it etc.. and crap but dont know why she stays with him, he is mean to her and stuff, also has even hinted to us getting sexual again or whatever. She knows i have GF and she ask what we do and all kinds of stuff tries to call her names etc. like she jealous I dont tell her i really dont have GF i jsut say i do and it works tables have turned.


I was in florida all week and she told she wants to see me tomorrow and told me she wants me kiss her cheek but that is it. * * * and how should I handle do a sexy kiss or what? I made this short so I dont bore people to much she seems still interested most of the time then sometimes though she distant and when she has met me she holds my hand and says she misses me etc.. but nothing else wow

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