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Flirted when didn't intend to date, now not sure what to do

Sparkly Eyes

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So I am talking to a guy I met from an online community. I enjoy talking to him but he is not my type in general. I've made a mistake to flirt with him a lot, though I never literally said that I wanted to date him and my responses to his advances have only been a smile in person or "lol" in chats! We met, had a good time and now he really wants us to go out with each other. I feel like I'm leading him on when I'm not really sure if I like him that way. How do I tell him without hurting him? If I hadn't flirted with him, it would have been much easier...What would be a better idea and less hurtful, if I just tell him I don't think we're a match or if I apologize for my flirting as well and explain myself a little better?


I've said no to guys tens of times before and I still don't know how to do it.

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