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an Ex trying to remain friends is a slap in the face

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Oh hell, yes!


It's not possible to be friends with the person who recently broke your heart. How would that work exactly? What would you talk about?

Where she and the new man are going on Saturday nite?


It's just not possible right now. But you don't have to convince her of this. You need to convince yourself. It stings like bloomin murder

and you are in no emotional position to be around her. State what your boundaries to her and bounce.


For the sake of your sanity you should consider going NC, so can deal with the fallout of this relationship in private without her and her boyfriend

jamming a dirty great rod through the wound every time you hear about them. I can't think of anything more painful right now.


I'm sending you a link about the point of NC. Hope it helps - Deciduousxxx

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My ex did the same thing, then after I cut her off (no dramatic letter) had the nerve to ask why.


I kept my cool and replied politely, but damn...I realized just how much NC is going to suck. They really aren't losing all that much, and any time they hurt they have someone to call up and vent to.


Well, for yours and my sake, our exes will never be able to call up the new man and vent about us. One less thing to "have in common."

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