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Should I Just Move On?


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I went out on a date Saturday night with a lovely girl. We had great night, kissed loads and spent all of the next day texting. I've tried to make plans to see her again, but twice I've got back 'We'll sort something out' from her.


Now I know her friend is over and staying with her at the moment, so I'm just not sure about which way the grass is lying here. She'll text me again tomorrow and we'll chat for a bit, but at this stage, I'm tired of the chat and would like to know if I'm actually going to see her again soon. If I'm not going to see her again and she's not that interested, then that's totally fine, I can quite happily move on, but is she playing me about? How long should I give this or should I just walk away now and ignore tomorrow's text chat crap!!

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