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Is it a crush? or what is it?


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Hi Everyone....


I'm trying to wrap my head around something here...


I'm not going to get into my whole story but I hooked up with this girl a few weeks ago and met her through my cousin. I don't know much her about her and even when we were communicating via text I still didn't know much about her. Most of what I know is information from my cousin. We currently do not talk. She basically ignored 2 text messages I had sent her mainly because I was a tad too intrusive/aggressive. But, even though I apologized, she still ignored my text. I was the first girl she has ever hooked up with.


Lately, I find myself obsessing over her.. checking her fb page, hoping she will be around when I hang out with my cousin, and wanting to hook up with her again. Literally, I think about this girl each day.


How can I be these OCD over a girl that I hooked up with twice and know NOTHING about. Not to mention, all the things my cousin has mentioned about her is not necessarily positive.

However, she's still friends with my cousin - which probably means something....she can't be that bad.


What is this obsession about? Is it a crush? Am I just wanting something I can no longer have at the moment ( hey...it could happen again). My ex and I broke up almost 3 months ago. Am I still grieving and wanting to be loved again?


Thoughts/advice please!!


Help me understand

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I don't think it matters what ya call it. Sometimes a person just gets under your skin! That said, you may have swallowed the hook, so to speak, because of your post break-up feelings. Does she remind you of your ex in any way? Did the fixation get stronger after she ignored your texts? How do you feel when you think about you instead of her? Do you think that thinking about her might be a distraction? Try to figure out why you have fixated. There is no doubt something there that you can process to understand yourself more. Which I'm sure is why you posted the question. So what stinking help am I?

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Haha Lapse - thanks for your response.


Ummm I guess in a way she presents a challenge for me. Her never being with a girl made it 10 times more intriguing. Don't see much of a similiarity between my ex and this girl however, based on the information from my cousin, she seems OVER the top, very diva like and aggressive in her own way. I like that and I do believe my ex was like that. Yes, my fixation got stronger after she didn't respond...because it had me wondering what IF 100x times. I thought thinking about her was a sort of distraction - that being said, it's becoming annoying because I'm not getting what I want. It's like how annoying is it to go through the motions of a hurtful break up to obsessing over a girl that ultimately may not have that much interest in you because you said the wrong thing.. UGH.

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