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I hope what I've done is actually helping


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So this morning I check my facebook I've got a forward and a message from this girl that I'm almost in a relationship with. There's a forwarded message from this girl who really hates her, she put some words in my mouth that made my almost girlfriend really upset I don't feel like getting into specifics but I would never say anything like that. The message from my girl said I thought I could trust you and I really liked you too but this hurts thanks. That was like four in the morning and I started frantically trying to explain I would never do that but she's probably not even up yet so I'm not sure. I just decided to send the other girl a message telling her never to put any words in my mouth again especially if she's trying to make my girl upset then I forwarded it so I'm hoping she'll see that I wouldn't do something like that to hurt her.

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