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help please.why am i begging him after7 weeks?the rejection is hurting even more

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i dont know why but i just cannot be strong

this morning i noticed he was on msn and started off being friendly, and it just ended up being an all out begging drama

i cant help it, i just dont know why

he told me he doesnt want to get back together, he said it numerous times today as well, he never ever sees us being back together

i keep trying to bargain with him, why am i so weak?

im addicted to this guy and his rejection drives it and gives me even stronger urges to keep on trying

it was a good relationship, and i keep saying this and he agrees but he says he only saw me as a friend in the end and never as a girlfriend again, his feelings wont change

i dont know what to do, im physically ill from all this

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Ya - stop talking to him.


He will come around when he needs his money and TV. When he does, keep it strictly business. Return his stuff and move on with your life.


Nothing you do here on out will bring him back. He has made it clear he is only interesting in moving on

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A man who makes you beg is a man who's moved on. It only works in romance novels, begging and pleading, you know? If a man is unequivocally in love with you, he stays through thick and thin. It's okay that you have zits, crazy parents, can't train your dog, got C's at your world class University, ran out of gas on the freeway and needed to be towed home. We've all faced rejection and eventually you get over it, time heals. I know that might not seem like much, but it's true.


About the money and tv: wait for him to ask you for it. When you move, take the tv with you. If he shows up on moving day, and wants it all, give it to him. And for Pete's sake, take him off of every list you have. In order for you to win back your own sanity, you have to give up on him. Period. Full stop.


Good Luck


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He sees you as a friend because hes probbaly not attracted to you anymore. That attraction is not how you look, but possibly from your behavior. Being needy and desperate is just further showing this flaw, and it pushes him away more.


Confidence is key. I wont lie and say I am a very shallow dude. And i pride myself on the beautiful women i had, but there were some girls that werent pretty, but their confidence was crazy that they were sexy as hell.


One time i wanted to break up with my ex over all the fighting, and i stormed out of her house. She pretended to be strong, then just grabbed me and cried and pleaded with me not to leave. It broke me inside and i stayed. Point of this is that i didnt want to break up, it was for show only because the fighting was getting too intense. When she broke up with me, the tables were turned, and she really did want to break up. If he breaks up, then he wants to break up.


Any update?

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