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Dont know what to do anymore please help........


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I'm going to make the long story short. Met someone from online everything started out great and postive and even told each other we care about each other. Went on vacation for a month and start going downhill sense then. Honestly, I have not done anything wrong. I did what I had to do before I left even when I had a hective time I squeezed in time to see him before I left so I did my part. i told this man and was honest with him that we had spoken 2 years ago but never had the chance to met up with him bc my timeing was not right. Ever sense he found out it was me, been acting really really so cold, so heartless , mean, and does nothing but upsets me even more. Makes me feel bad, guilty and has been curel a couple of times. One day he's good one day's he's bad and I just got back after a month. Asked so much from me before I left.


I tried to communicate the problem with him, I tried emailing him and telling him I was never rude or curel to him and that for him to keep his respect. I got so fed up with his accusations, his blameing, and being cruel and everything and when I tried to talk to him he tells me anything I say is stup...... I got so fed up with everything that I told him to get the H.......... out of my life and wanted nothing to do with him. We've been arguing nonstop ever sense I left. I tried asking him what his problems with me is and cant say anything. I tell him I have to change my number and it has nothing to do with him. I told him if were going to stop talking or not. He tells me to give my new number to him.


I know I deserve better the problem is I'm in love with him. and no he does not know himself yet. I care about this man alot. We click. Everything was going so well so perfect and now its causing me nothing but hurt and pain. and he's not even realizing how much this is hurting me. I ask him why he's doing this and cant give me one simple explanation. And he knows well enough that everything I am saying is right and does not want to admit his wrong doing.


He tells me that he know's that I'm the one, and that he knows that he is going to fall in love with me one day he tells me all this and the end this. I've done nothing I mean nothing wrong to be going through all this. This is hurting me so bad, I mean so badly that I have no idea how i'm going to handel this if he ever comes back again, I told him before I'm never going to forgive him for putting me through this. Please help me. I dont know what to do anymore really dont. And now were not speaking anymore. I took everything he told me and held it in and its that one day I will explode and tell him off. I dont know how i'm going to keep my cool. I dont know if I can.

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