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What would you think if your ex dedicated this song to you?


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I'm sure some of you know it...25 to life by Eminem. My ex, after me trying to get him back, eventually said "Here, listen to this song. This is exactly how i feel about you. Now do not contact me ever again". Of course, i did after that...but well, you guys know the story of how we've been NC since Jan. and blah blah. But I've been listening to this song today and now my mind is reeling.


How would you guys have felt? How would you think your ex is feeling? Is this song, even though i thought it was very harsh, a way of him saying he was really hurt? Or just a way for him to hurt me? Any thoughts would be great. Here are the lyrics (there was a lot of swearing so i had to delete them):


I don't think she understands the sacrifices that I made

Maybe if this (b word) had acted right I would've stayed

But I've already wasted over half of my life I would've laid

Down and died for you I no longer cry for you

No more pain (b word) you

Took me for granted took my heart and ran it straight into the planet

Into the dirt I can no longer stand it

Now my respect I demand it

Imma take control of this relationship

Command it, and imma be the boss of you now godd***it

And what I mean is that I will no longer let you control me

So you better hear me out this much you owe me

I gave up my life for you, totally devoted to you while I've stayed

Faithful all the way this is how I (f,ing word) get repaid

Look at how I dress (f,ing word) baggy sweats, go to work a mess

Always in a rush to get back to you I ain't heard you yet

Not even once say you appreciate me I deserve respect

Ive done my best to give you nothing less than perfectness

And I know that if I end this I'll no longer have nothing left

But you keep treating me like a staircase it's time to (f,ing word) step

And I wont be coming back so don't hold your (f,ing word) breath

You know what you've done no need to go in depth

I told you, you'd be sorry if I (f,ing word) left

Id laugh while you wept

Hows it feel now, yeah, funny ain't it, you neglected me

Did me a favor although my spirit free you've set

But a special place for you in my heart I have kept

It's unfortunate but it's,



Too late for the other side

Caught in a chase

25 to life

Too late for the other side

Caught in a chase

25 to life


[Verse 2]

I feel like when I bend over backwards for you all you do is laugh

Cause that ain't good enough you expect me to fold myself in half

Til I snap

Don't think I'm loyal

All I do is rap

How can I moonlight on the side

I have no life outside of that

Don't I give you enough of my time

You don't think so do you

Jealous when I spend time with the girls

Why I'm married to you still man I don't know

But tonight I'm serving you with papers

I'm divorcing you

Go marry someone else and make em famous

And take away their freedom like you did to me

Treat em like you don't need them and they ain't worthy of you

Feed em the same (s word) you made me eat

I'm moving on forget you oh,

Now I'm special? Oh, I didn't feel special when i was with you

All I ever felt was this


Imprisoned by a selfish (b word)

Chew me up and spit me out

I fell for this so many times

It's ridiculous

And still I stick with this

I'm sick of this but in my sickness and addiction

You're as addictive as they get

Evil as they come vindictive as they make em

My friends keep asking why I can't just walk away from

I'm addicted

To the pain, the stress, the drama

I'm drawn in so I guess imma mess

Cursed and blessed

But this time imma

Ain't changing my mind

I'm climbing out this abyss

You screaming as I walk out that I'll be missed

But when you spoke to people who meant the most to you

You left me off your list


(f word) you hip-hop

I'm leaving you, my life sentence is served * * * * *

And it's just...To Late

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I read a previous topic you posted, and you were emotionally abusive towards him. So you were both abusive from what I can see. This is just from hearing YOUR side of the story though, we haven't even heard his...besides this song. I'm sure he'd have a lot more to say. Just accept it's over and that you've made mistakes, move on and don't make them again in the next one. That seems to be what he's doing, isn't it?

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