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Hey all…Im new here and hoping this problem im facing will get some constructive responses. Sorry if it drags on but ill try to keep it short.


Im an 35, bi and haven’t been much active sexually. I look really young for my age and workout regularly and guess looking young runs in the family. Im not that bad looking but I am quite a shy person and keep to myself mostly. But I do get my fair share of attention most of the times.

Heres the deal: Recently joined a new gym (moved to a new city) and get lots of looks and well, I keep to myself and don’t respond much but this guy…guess you cant call him unusually noticeable…but he’s been trying to get my attention eversince my first day at gym . As I said, I mind my own business and don’t look-see others a lot but he seemed hell bent on getting my attention. First it was just stares accross the room and watching me in the wall to wall mirrors. Then it was circling around me. Then it was brushing his arm with mine when I wasn’t aware once. Then it was even (sort of stalking) me in the parking lot. He waited once or twice in his car til I was in mine. But I did not encourage him in anyway. So then after a month or so I did acknowledge him and well noticed him noticing me but didn’t do anything about it. Heck I don’t know what to do in these situations anyways. Now the thing is I know he notices me…he stares at me still. But I get that a lot. Hes looking at my face and my body when we pass each other by on the jogging track. Hes looking and sometimes waiting for me at the start of the lap.Well from what it looks like as he stares me up and down as i pass by. But the loser that I am I am too scared to do anything about it. Its gone worse now that I have started missing him and get depressed when he doesn’t show up or doesn’t look at me.

Having said that…there is an age difference between us which im aware of. Hes maximum 25 years old. But I have more friends who are all younger than me as I fit into the younger crowd better than with my own age group.

Im afraid I have pushed him away by not responding...have i?

am I offending him in some way?

how do I find out what hes after?

what does all that staring mean? What do I do about it?

should I consider the age difference? Is it really that embarrassing? Because I really think now theres a connection there somewhere.

I m really confused.

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He may think you're not interested since you haven't done anything to indicate interest. Next time you see him, you should go up to him and say, "hey, how's it going?". If he's interested in starting up a conversation, things will proceed naturally. If he looks at you strange, and appears to be wondering, "why is this stranger talking to me?" then all you have to endure is an awkward minute or two and apologize by saying, "sorry, I thought you were someone else" and move on.


Personally, I think age doesn't mean a thing when it comes to love. As long as both individuals are in love with each other, age means nothing.

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