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I've got a complicated break-up. Any idea how to cope whit it?


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Me and my girlfriend had a real sweet and romantic time in our one year and half relationship together. We live in 'Iran' and

when someone that lives here says that they have a romantic relation, in %95 of the time that means no sex or hardly having

sex! because of this ridiculous religion (no offense) and culture that believes in no-sex before marriage and even law can

sentence you in jail because of having sex with someone that's not your wife. But like many other young couples, we always

wanted to have sex and unfortunately we didn't get proper time nor location to do it (by the way she was a virgin when we

were together).


Recently she said to me that she has no interest in me anymore and our friendship seems boring to her. I was shocked and

tried to convince her that because of our university exams and projects we both didn't have much time to spend together and

(I think) that's the reason why this relation got cold. but she broke-up with me. I wanted her to sit and talk about this so

we could resolve this issue, but she said that's my decision and nothing can change that.


A week later she said to me that 3 or 4 days before our break-up she became friend with another guy and 3 days after our

break-up, because her new friend's parents home are most of the time empty, she finally did sex for the first time in her

life and she is really happy. I should mention that she've khonwn that guy for several years and she liked him, but not much

enough to start a relation with him and before this, he was himself in a relation too and it's about several months that he

(that guy) ended his relation.


So, When I'm writing this, It's a week since our break and I went through an awful time and really became depressed. I'm

trying to forget her; but there are two major problems:


First problem is that I have to see her in a foreign language institute class every week and seeing here, sadly gives this

wrong hope to me that "We still can be together...", but I now that I can't and of course I won't because she betrayed.


Second problem is that since she told me that she had sex with her new friend (and she says that he's not his boyfriend yet

and they're just spending together), when I see a sex scene in a movie, or reading about sex or doing anything that reminds

me of sexual activities, I get this funny feeling in my stomach and it's like all my energy is wasting and can't do anything

useful for hours. And of course I become really angry.


She also states that, she still loves me (as a friend) the most among the people around him but although I wanna believe it,

but I'm pretty sure she's lying whether not to upset me or losing me. Also It's important too that we can be good help for

each other (as we've planned before) in process of continuing our study abroad. She says "everything still can be is the same

except the feelings and romance and It's your choice to be together as friends".


Interesting part is that her new friend is leaving country in two weeks and It kinda giving that wrong hope.


OK, that's it! I don't know that I should do. I still have this hope that she may returns to me or should I continue or

just-as-friend-relationship (at least for a while) or completely forget her (and it's hard!) or what! I'm really having a

tough time here and don't know what to do.


I really appreciate comments of an expert or anyone who experienced or heard about any situation like that. Thanks you

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I dunno, maybe just for being honest. She said that she still like me, and I think maybe she just wanted the sex so badly that preferred to be with another guy. but that guy is leaving country in 5 days.

I really tried to forget her for a couple of days, but today I saw her at class again and that funny feeling in the stomach started again... seeing her waiting for that guy to come and get her after the class or text him during the class REALLY bothers me

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