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My ex and I live 10 hrs apart, attend different colleges, but are from the same town. We broke up a month ago over stupid issues, but are still friends. The question here, and the big one throughout the 8 month relationship was the distance, and uncertainty of the future. We miss each other, but personally, I don't know if getting back together is the right thing to do at this point in time. I am studying for my MCAT and will be graduating in december; she still has 3 years undergrad left. The whole uncertainty issue from the beginning and even now, had to deal with what would happen after graduation. I don't know what kind of job I will have, where it will be, and what it will entail. I am considering even traveling, and doing medicine abroad for a few months until starting medical school. So the question is, is it worth it? We've worked so hard to maintain the friendship, and still have feelings for each other; yet there are unresolved issues, and i honestly feel like it could be right person, wrong timing. I mean, with studying for MCAT, applying for Med school, balancing work, and 18 credit hours, plus hospital internship, and student org activities, I really won't have anytime to drive the 10 hours and visit her like I used to do once a month. So, is it even a wise choice to do this again, considering the uncertainty of it all? Should I just let it go, knowing that I still have a great friend in my life, and maybe we'll cross paths again? A part of me wants to do this, yet at the same time, it just doesn't sound feasible, considering everything that will be going on. I mean when January comes around, I may not even be in California anymore...

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