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When does it end??

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Hey, new to this. And this is my Story.


I broke up with my ex in May and took it really bad, i cried everyday, but it was difficult because he still lived here til he found his own place. We were getting on fine as friends, although i wanted more i knew it wasnt going to happen. I started to feel better, but now its happned all over again, hes had 2 diff GF in this time and i just feel heartbroken, scared, lonely, hurt, angry. It makes me cry and feel sick when the thought of them together enters my mind and i fiind it hard to shake it. I cant do NC because we have 2 little girls together. I know im being irrational and un-reasonable with myself...but i just cant stop loving him, i think about him all the time. We had a great realationship, we were together 5 years, we had our arguments like any couple but for the most part it was good. Im scared of never seeing him again because i love him so much, and im scared of loving anyone else because a) i dont want to get hurt and and b) i want to be with him and only him....he is my real love. I just want to stop loving him...like he stopped loving me..why is it easier for him and hard for me..im so confused ='(:sorrow:

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I'm sorry you're hurting. I don't know your story but I know in time you will be able love again. You just feel that way now because you're not ready and you're not healed. When you fall in love again I bet you won't even remember your ex's middle name! Hang in there and stay strong.


Try your best not to thing of his love life. You have to fight those thoughts off!

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I know you said you can't do NC because you have two little girls, but you have to try to limit the contact as best you can. Don't ask about his love life, that will make it so much harder. The more you can distance yourself from him the better. You need to let go of that frame of mind that he is the only guy you want to be with. I know it's hard, but you have to or you will never heal because you keep clinging on. I read on here after my break up that it's like a scab. The more you pick at it, the longer it takes to heal. You need to realize that this happens all the time. We all go through pain. It's what makes you stronger in the end.


Try to cut the contact. You're only prolonging your pain.

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