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Getting back together, limbo and space...


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So here is our story. I met her 2 years ago. We became friends, best friends over the next 6 months. We fell in love

and had a relationship and we both wanted marriage. We had some problems, nothing ever major but we're always able to work

through it. We were a couple for over a year. The beginning of the end was when I bought a house. It needed some work and

I put new hardwood floors

in it, tile, bathrooms, etc. Anyway I completely focused on this project. I was expecting it take a month and half

or so. Took over 3 months and at the expense of our relationship. We didnt comunicate, she didnt know how stressed out

I was. I just wanted to be done with my new house and I could move in and we could enjoy it together. (she owns her own

house). I pushed her away but we still held on. This put a huge rift between us and we both put out cold shoulders

instead of working through it. We both mutually decided it wasnt working and we ended it. That lasted a couple

weeks. We still talked to eachother and hung out occasionally and it was nice becuase the pressure of the relationship

wasnt there. She still had very

strong feelings for me and wanted to just get back together. I didnt know what I wanted. I didnt want to be gone and I

didnt even date other people. I just focused on me. About 3 months later I started thinking more and more about our

relationship. What we had and what went wrong and what needs to happen for us to work. We have still been occasionally

talking this whole time. I decided to tell her how I have been feeling and wanted to see if she wanted to work on things

and try to get back together. This is when she told me she was seeing/dating someone else. I was destroyed. I was pissed

but I was still very cordial with her. I told her I couldnt deal with it. She understood and said if I was seeing someone


too would be crushed. I told her I needed to respect her decision to move on and I went through the worst next couple

days of my life. I was destroyed! Then I get a call from her. We talk about things and she says she loves me and wants me.

We spend the next couple weeks working on things, being together (even sexually) But she was definatly hot and cold most

of this time. We had some amazing deep conversations. We told eachother we love eachother and know what we have and

we both see our future together. We talked about what went wrong. What we need to work on. It was exciting. We both agreed

that we can take the feelings we have for eachother and take the information we have now have about what we need to do

differently and this second chance can be better than the first go around. One day in our conversations she said she thinks

she needs space. She is just exhausted from the past month and wants to clear her mind without me being around. She misses me

like crazy when we dont talk for more than a day. So anyway, we talk and I say I dont like it because I think distance is the

last thing our relationship needs right now. She says she wants to be with me but needs to be sure, she is not 100% sure

right now. She wants to have her "bachorelette party" before committing back to us. She admits that by my being around she

can have the

best of both worlds so we just really need to stop talking and see where we stand. So I agree to the space. I dont like

it and i am scared

to lose her and what we have. So here I sit writing our story and wondering how to deal with this. Do I tell myself Im


too? Its unfair for me(to myself) wait and I mentally cant sit there waiting for a text or call. Im just confused and scared. She says

She is going to call and text soon but its just because she is missing me. I ask her how Im suppose to react, Im probably

not going to respond / answer for a while. I tell her I cant just sit around in limbo. How do I respond I cant be a puppy

on a string. I want her back only when she is ready, and ready for real, if that ever happens.

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Did she completely end it with the new guy? A lot of people pull this kind of stunt when they have rebounded to someone new and then can't figure out if they should stick with the rebound or go back to the ex. I think you need to find out if she ever truly broke up with the new guy when she was saying she wanted things to work with you.

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As much as I hate to say it, Yes she is still talking with the other guy. So we had our "space" talk on Friday and then calls me at 2 am that night. I didnt answer. She called again at 8am the next morning and wanted to go get breakfast. I told her I have a very busy day and couldnt do breakfast. I told her I could pick something up and swing by and she said that would be nice. I kept it short and sweet, dropped it off hung out for about 20 minutes and was on my way. I thought this was a good sign until I got a call from her later saying she still needs the space and she thinks we need to not talk or text for a while. I agreed with her after a long talk about it all. Anyway here she is calling me and texting me. "want to go for a walk"? I did reply 3 hours later and said I would take a raincheck...

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