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New Year, New Ways


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I am starting a new year of school, and I decided to make some personal changes.


Last year, I had problems with my additude and my short temper. I've been trying to work on that, so I won't get in trouble in class.


I have insomnia, so it's very hard for me to get to sleep. I decided I was going to try and get more sleep at night so I don't fall asleep during school.


I am usually classified as weird, and hyper. I am trying to calm down a little, and I am going to start wearing actual jeans, instead of jeggings and pajama jeans. The problem is I am so uncomfortable in them, to the point where my mother used to make me wear them as punishment.


I am also going to try and focus more in class.


Any help on how to do the above things would be very appreciated.

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Some jeans are very itchy, maybe try buying a different brand and see if that makes any different. But I say wear whatever that makes you comfortable, you don't need to change everything about you.


I also have insomnia, but I would drink milk an hour before sleep. And doing simple stretching for 2 minutes really help. Sometime our body is very sore, and we just can't sleep if it feel like it's aching.


I like to read some post from the author of link removed. They're really helpful and show you simple step by step routine to change.

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