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My story, Love is EVIL, Oppinions please.


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So it started off so sweet. I had been with my ex-girlfriend for about 1 year and 5 months.

Im 18 shes 17. Its been about a month since the break up NC. Please stop reading this post if you think, that just because of our age it shouldnt be taken into thought to read.


We were so intimate and we could talk all day, unfortunetly I went to a different school and ofcourse ending up going to uni. We lived about 10 minutes away so we would see each other many times through the week. She kept the relationship hidden from her parent's because they are extremely strict, but she was planning to tell them very soon.


Im not gonna make this a long essay but il get to the main points and WHAT HAPPENED. Even tho we were so young, we had plans such as marriage, kids, where to live. We would tell each other how much we loved each other and when we were together it was like she was the only thing that put a smile on my face, she loved me more than I loved her tho. But as the relationship progressed we both got to the level where we both loved each other to the same level and would do anything.


VALANTINES this year 2011, I couldnt see her simply because she had school, and work right after and the only time she could see me was from 7:30 till 8:30 AM. I couldnt come because I had to drop my little brother to school. Funny that, another guy from her school had bowed on his knee's and gave her a rose. She never told me but about 2 days later she randomly break's up with me saying she has lost the feelings, and she used to love me but DOESNT want to be in a relationship. So I accepted it and ofcourse cry'd, couldnt sleep, wake up 4AM crying more, and grieving. That next day after the break up she texts me saying she missed me so she tells me everything about how she KISSED the guy that gave her the rose the next day of them hanging out after valantines. This ofcourse caught me by surprise, she wanted to get back together. I told her I need time to think. About 5 days later we get back together, she cried when I told her eye to eye how could you just risk ending all of this. We than got to lets say "The second honey moon", we started getting really intimate and just appreciating the relationship.


About 4 months later she started texting me differently, with less interest, this went on for weeks, until one day I told her why have you been acting like this ? she says " I dont know how i feel anymore about us". So she breaks up with me out of the blue 2 days later, she wrote so much saying "you never make me feel special, you made me think we belong together, I thought i was in love". I bring her flowers INTO HER WORK the next day, just to surprise her saying I love you, I hope we can work things out. She says you only sent those cause u knew our relationship was ending you never did this when we were together. She had actually turned into a " * * * * * ".


One week later shes already seeing another guy KISSING in the cafeteria infront of all the students, which she is now in a relationship with. They always used to hang together since he was part of the group she hanged with at her school, now they are so INTO each other. This time she didnt text me she regrets it, I have found all this out from friends that go to the same school. The thing that hurt me the most is that she broke up not caring how I felt, she blamed EVERYTHING on me and how I was the failure in the relationship, when i knew i did whatever i could to make her feel happy.



Is he a rebound ? Should I care ? Will she come back ?


I havent fully moved on but im certainly not grieving anymore.

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I think the first time you broke up was when you should have just left it. I think she got back together with you because you were both still vulnerable but not because she truly wanted to. I don't think you should care anymore. You say you're not grieving anymore but the fact that you still think about it means there's still some lingering hope in you but if you give it time, you should be fine.


Her blame is just her way to justify and ease her guilt.


Stay NC, it should do the trick. You're better off, she seems insecure.

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