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Ok, i came to the realization that the girls that im into are always almost always bisexual and or lesbian..its a weird thing.


the two girls i started talking to in college, that i was into. turned out to be lesbians.


this other girl who i have made out with recently is bi-sexual to the fullest.


I do know that ive never really been into super girly girly girls.


I honestly dont know what to do lol, it starting to seem like all the girls im into are borderline.

even my okc profile is matching me up with bi-sexual girls and stuff.


can anybody shed some light on this for me.. any thoughts would be apprieciated.

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Girly girls and bi-sexual girls are on different ends of the spectrum. You probably prefer a girl who's more open minded, loose, free spirited, smart. I don't blame you for being into that type of woman, they're very alluring, but unfortunately sometimes they're so open minded, they like you, are also into the same type of women lol... There's nothing wrong with you, and hopefully one day you'll find a girl who meets those qualities who happens to be straight.

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If it's not one thing, it's another.


All of the women I meet are usually on anti-depressant medication, bi-polar, grew up in unstable houses, bad relationship(s) with the father or brother or just with men in general they suck air at creating meaningful and fulfilling relationships with people. I always get that.

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A lot of girls seem to becoming more open minded about their sexuality in this day and age. Maybe it is to do with the type of girl you're drawn to, although I'm not a girly girl nor am I bisexual/lesbian, I'm just a geeky sort of girl. Although I'm not seeing the problem with dating a girl who's bisexual?

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