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Why it is so hard to find the one I really want?


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OK so in the last 2 years I have been very lucky and I have received multiple opportunities to date women.


But then last week I took a 2 hour flight and next to me sat down a very beautiful lady. She was freaking communicative and started talking about her life and why she was traveling to see her boyfriend without knowing if she loved him, etc and he wanted to marry her but she is not sure. Many things she said fit my aspirations and I felt compelled to attempt to hold her hands but I did not try.


We kept talking for 2 hours and then in the end she said "I will give you my phone and we can keep in touch". Right away I got her phone and gave mine as well.


Then this Tuesday I texted her and she hasn't replied in 24 hours. It seems to me my chances are gone. Do you agree? Maybe I should have called her instead... now I think it is over because I will not attempt to contact her without a response.


It happens to me. It is the third time I find someone I am really interested during a flight. Last month I sat down next to the most beautiful and apparently fun blonde I have ever seen. I talked with that women like there was no tomorrow. We seemed to fit each other so well I have never seen something like that. Just one problem:she was married.


So guys, it seems I will keep looking for a while.

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It's just a case of wait and see, I'm afraid.


Sometimes people find it really easy to talk to strangers. Especially on a plane, when you're going somewhere no-one will know you. But then, these people get off the plane, go back to their old lives, and it seems like getting back in touch would open up a can of worms.


She might get in touch, she might not. These are the things that make life exciting!

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Well, first of all... You're talking to unavailable women.. So maybe that makes the quest a "little" harder.... The blonde was married, and the forst one ou talk about was in a relationship and talking about getting married... Maybe if you try to approach available women it will be easier....

About her getting back to you.... well maybe she said yes to the marriage proposal... so who knows...

But anyway, try to get to know single ladies first!!

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To answer your initial question, the more picky you are the harder it will be to find that you are looking for. As for your experience with the girl on the plan, she does have a bf and was probably just expressing her doubts to you. Nothing that you have said shows that she was interested in getting to know you more than in a friendly capacity. She gave you her number but she also made it clear that she had a bf. If she was flirty then I could see why you would think that her giving you her number gave you the green light.

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