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Aaargh What should I do??


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To cut a long story short. Met a guy he knows for sure i like him. We text near enough all the time. Hes been cheate on in the past has some issues he has to deal with I think he has trust issues. I would love to go on a date with him but Ive asked him once and he said he had no money i have asked him a second time for when he gets back off holiday and hes said yes but I dont think it will happen. Hes on holiday now with family for a week and he hasnt contacted me so I texted him i hope hes having a great time he replied.he is with a kiss on the end. Im tired of guessing how hes feeling or what he wants. Hes said in conversation he wants an older women im two years ilder than him but I think he thinks im young and if we got together id cheat like everyone else.


I dont know of i should carry on texting see what happens after he comes back or just give up. I think about him all the time he knowd i like him im not sure if hes shy or just not interested. Im thinking of sending him a tx explaining everything. Should i? Ans if so should i wait for him to come back from holiday? I just want to know how he feels.


Thank you x

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NOOO, don't explain anything. The ball is solidly in his court. I think you are too invested in this - you've never even gone out on a date yet. He's knows that you are interested and if he is interested he will eventually ask you out. Have some patience, let him enjoy his trip and see if he contacts you when he gets back.

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