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My job has destroyed so many things

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I've posted on this experience before, but just came to the realization that my job has completely destroyed many aspects of my life this far. Relationships has been damaged, my general mood turned into a negative one, career growth limited, and overall turn me into a bitter person. Yet, I need this job to support my bills (mostly student loans, food, small car payment, etc.). Three years ago, while in school and prior to this job, I was the happiest I had ever been.


I have been trying to get another job, but with no success over the past few months.


so, what do I do? Quit and be in financial chaos? Our keep working and continue to have my quality of life degrade?

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No, you acknowledge that, now that you're an adult and a professional, you have an obligation - to meet your financial obligations, to the company that invested in you, and to yourself so that you don't set a dangerous precedent of just cutting out when things stop being 'fun.' Life isn't all about being fun; that's the main thing you learn as you get older. If you want fun, move to a beach, learn to surf, and walk dogs for enough money for food.


The main thing you need to realize is that your JOB didn't destroy ANYTHING. Neither did the company you got the job from. Everything you described is something that comes from YOUR attitude. Taking the 'blame game' attitude will not get you the better job; in fact, it will leave you behind as other people who choose to be positive, outgoing, and willing to tackle more get promoted around you.


And here's the real truth. You don't get out of college, go into a job, and just start getting promoted. Life doesn't work that way. You pay your dues, just like everyone else. You plan long term and, if you haven't proven yourself and been offered a different, more challenging job you like better in a few years, then you start taking action. You ask your company what it takes to get into those other positions. You ask about what kind of training you don't possess that would get you those jobs, and take steps to achieve that training. You network. You WORK your career. It won't change on its own, you have to EARN the better job, you have to be a better option than the guy in the cubicle next to you. Your company - and any OTHER company out there (if you think it'll be any better anywhere else) - has an obligation to promote its business. You were hired to help achieve that; they didn't hire you just to make you happy; your happiness with your job is a direct correlation to how much money you make them by being productive, finding better ways to do your job or to save money, or making the company look good. The best way to get a better position is to show your company why you have more to offer.


You can leave, but guess what? The next company will work pretty much the same way - looking to make money. Figure out how to do that for them, and you'll get the jobs you want.

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I should also add that my commute is 2.5 hours per day. And, I am the best at my position, work the hardest, fastest, and cost the company the least. I dfo the work of those making nearly double my salary, and do it just as well. The truth is that there is no where to go in the company, because my group is so small. On top of that, the company is financially unstable...the have been cutting benefits and people for several months. We are also understaffed, so I am required to work overtime, thus having no outside life. Lastly, my project is going to expire and I will be out of work on the next few months. With former employee, the company has shown little interest in moving them with in the company.


Thanks for the advice. I'll keep searching for others jobs or wait to be laid off should it come to that.

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1- Please state your age and gender when you post a question on enotalone!


2- I understand that you are unhappy about your job, well join the millions of millions around the world who are unhappy about their jobs but have to make ends meet. If you can just try to find a better job to support yourself.


3- Stop wanting to live Charlie Sheen's life.

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Age 26 m. With all respect, I have worked hard since age 14. I am one to solve problems, which was the basis of my question. I don't want to live a life of luxury, never have and never will. But american society no longer rewards hard workers, it only exploits them.


I will improve myself and find something better.

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You can't quit, because then you won't be able to pay your bills. And that really sucks.


All you can do is try and find another job while you work this sucky one. Consider moving to another state if you have nothing tying you down here.

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As long as you keep trying in life, it will work itself out. It may not work out the way you thought or hoped it would, but life DOES work itself out at some point. Just keep making the money and paying your bills. Every job is temporary, but if it pays the bills, make it while the making is good and keep your eyes open for other opportunities. I've been where you are at and it is not fun, but it is doable.

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One thing to remember - and you can't see it from your end because you haven't lived it yet - is that your 20s are the years when you work really hard, bust your butt, and generally get looked over because you're young. It may help to remember that, to know that better days are ahead.


I have to ask - do you really have to commute that much? Can you not find a different place to live for a year or two?

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