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Waiting for his call..


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I need some advice.


I met this guy on an online dating site (he winked at me) and we chatted for a couple of days and exchanged numbers. Our first date went well (at least I think it did) and I couldnt find a cab and he dropped me at home. We hugged when he dropped me home. I sent him a text to say thanks and I had a good time and his reply was that he did too and that I was a great girl.


Two days later he sends me a text asking how I felt about him and I told him, he was easy to talk to and open etc. He asked me on a second date and we went to see a movie and when he dropped me off we ended up kissing. Lots of kisses but no touching. This has never happened to me before and I was shocked at my behaviour. I like him and find him interesting and would want to get to know him more. I sent him a text later saying thanks for the date and havent received a reply.


I know its only 24 hours since the date but am wondering if I killed any chances with him by the kiss??or maybe he isnt interested?


Any advice is most welcome.

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I really doubt you killed your chances by kissing him...he'd have to be some seriously conservative dude for that to be the case.


I don't know what's going through his mind. If someone enjoyed being with you, chances are that he'll let you know, especially if he's established a pattern of doing so already. It's not like you could say, well, he's not the type to respond right away, because he already did that before. Maybe he's not as interested in you as he once was. Still, it's only been one day, so give it some time before giving him up for lost.

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Some tips to use.


IF he does text you, and asks you again how do you feel about him. Reply with "I'm not sure yet, we will see" and be a little hard to get.


Do not text him again until he texts you.


Don't sleep with him


Don't tell him everything your thinking/feeling. Create mystery.


If he thinks he has you in the bag, he will loose interest pretty quick. Keep him on his toes.

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