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First spinning class-what to wear?

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Hi all,


A friend has convinced me to join her for a spinning class tomorrow morning (at 5am-not sure how much of a "friend" she is-hahaha). This will be her first class as well and we're wondering if those spandex shorts are absolutely necessary. We spoke to an instructor and he told us that we could wear a t-shirt, bring a towel, water, get help setting up the bike, don't buy the cleats yet, etc... but neither of us had the nerve to ask about chaffing and if we needed to wear spandex shorts or if we could just wear our running shorts.


Any spinners here who can give some advice? I mean I'm in decent shape, but-ewww spandex no one looks good in that stuff!

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I've never heard about wearing spandex to a spinning class and never seen anyone wear them. I'm by no means a pro but I've been to several classes.


You do have to get there 10 mins early to get help with the bikes if it's your first time (it's CRUCIAL you set the bike up right) - which sucks since its already at 5 AM!!

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I love spin class!! But probs love RPM more.


Don't forget your seat cushions...because your pelvis will take a little abuse (actually a lot of abuse), because we're all supposed to lean forward and sit on our pelvic bones and not our arses.


I just wear 3/4 tights, never really shorts because they can ride up your thighs then you start to get chaffing. Then you sit there the whole session worrying about pulling them down...annoying. And a singlet because it gets hella sweaty.


Apart from that goodluck and have fun! Yey spin class is awesome.

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