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What is truth ? I am seeing something right now and i am listening right now, but all these may not be truth. I may be seeing the world according to my own senses. There is a chain holding a rod, certain other people see the same thing and use the same vocabulary. But it may all look different to a person on a different planet. So that is my perception but that is not truth, if it is truth then it is relative. So what is the truth about that chain and the rod ? The moment we ask the truth about or around something, we are already moving away from the truth because that about or around is our own perception. For instance when i ask what is the truth about that chain, then its no truth anymore because i have already assumed to object to be chain and i am asking about it. I am dividing that thing from the world, I am making abstractions about it. We are always looking outside in a divided way. We have divided a bottle from a mobile and a page from a telephone. In a way we are looking at the world in terms of division. But is thee any actual division in the world ? Or it is ourselves who is diving it. When there is a difference in shape and sizes of objects or when there is a difference in how we listen to different sounds then we say thats a mobile, thats a bottle and thats the sound of a crow. But are not these just the states of world at different moments ? If human beings would not have been here and if the world has mountains and cows in it at one point in time and rivers and buffallows in it at the other point, the who would come and say thats a river and thats a mountain and the river has changed into the mountain. Whatever is, is just 'What is'. Why do we make fragments out of what is ? We have divided ourselves from the world as well and we say we are the observers and then we say this is that, and that is this.


So I ask again, How am I different from that chain that is pulling the rod ? Besides a thought coming and saying look 'You are the observer' and the chain is being observed. If thought is gone, then there is nothing. So our thoughts are deciding the truth for us. So thoughts become of paramount importance.


What are thoughts ? they come out of memory. There is a continuous activity of memory going on in terms of thought. There may be something like a processor for this memory or the memory may be itself intellignet to build upon the information. We can call all these collectively as "MIND". All other objects that we perceive are mere recognitions of memory. For instance, A Fan. In child hood we were told that a particular object is called 'FAN', we stored it and now we recognize that whenever we see that. Is it the same with us ? We are merely recognizing ourselves. And then doing the rest of things based on this structure. All our conclusions are also part of this structure. We want to conclude anything because we want to store it as information and then do the rest of the work based on this information. Conclusions are also a way to go into the state of sleep feeling assured.

We are living each and evey moment of our life based on the past conclusions, based on the thoughts prior to that.


Any form of conclusions, knowledge, opinion is never the truth, any form of seeing through thought is not truth. Any description of the truth is not the truth. It can only be pointed out. Truth is the state of the world at the moment, its the state of your being in things not corrupted by your images and thoughts. truth is undistorted 'What is'. When you look at a switchboard without thinking that its a switchboard, then you are seeing the right thing. Its not a switchboard, its the world you are looking at. When you say you are looking at the world, its not the truth. There is no you.Its the world which is looking at itself.



What else truth could be ? But again this description is not the described.

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You can't know this for certain. How do you know a truth lies out there?


Yes one can not know truth, the moment one says he knows truth thats a lie. You can not possibily make a conclusion of a truth of one moment and say it in the next moment. Having said that, what one can know is what is false. When one see's the false as false then there is truth. Truth is not relative. What you see is your perception. Knowing this is truth.

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Truth is what you choose to believe is real. Anymore complicated than that and you are in for one heck of a headache...


Yes most of us will never take this headache. We may choose to live in a state of sleep and illusion and no one cares to wake up us. But when sorrow comes our way, some of us may try to go into all this.

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Truth is absolute. There is right and wrong, good and evil, left and right. One's perception is the only thing that is subjective for while there are none so blind as those who will not see, in the valley of the blind, the one eyed man is king. Perception is what lends to the "lie" and belief in said lie is the denial of truth. Ones definition is often dictated by their perception yet when another percieves the same thing...their definition is changed due to paralax error and then who is right and who is wrong? Neither. Regardless of what is percieved, there is still a universal truth that they are both held to.

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