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Anyone have any good second date ideas in Philadelphia?


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So I went out with a girl on Saturday and had a great date. We clicked almost immediately, had a great time, and kissed at the end. The next day we talked and decided to go out again Wednesday evening (that's tomorrow at this point). Anyone willing to shoot me some good second date ideas?


Background: She lives in University City/West Philly and I live about an hour away. She's a vegan, so the date can't really be food-oriented. She likes museums and the like, but unfortunately almost all museums close at 5pm (won't be able to get there by then). Don't think she's going to be interested in a bar or a nightclub type thing. She likes parks, art, gardens, and the like. She's up for wacky/odd adventures though...so anything slightly unusual might good. She doesn't have a car, which fits my purposes fine, since I want to pick her up at her place anyway.


Any ideas, no matter how out they are, are appreciated. Thanks.

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I'm not sure I get how the date cannot be food oriented because West Philly/UCity is rather vegan-friendly with certain restaurants and bakeries...unless you're up to taking her someplace out of the 'hood. I've never had a problem finding something to eat...and Dock Street has vegan pizza and movie nights....Anyway, the owners of (I think) the now defunct Horizons have opened a new eatery or will be very soon, so that could be an option for a vegan dinner date now or in the future. Check into what is playing at the Rotunda or at the theatre at 48th & Baltimore. Or another idea if you ever have a day date is to take the train to Chestnut Hill and walk to Morris Arboretum (it's about 1.5-2 miles but traffic isn't that bad); pack a lunch as food there is slim' pickin's. Another idea is to walk the Schuykill River trail up through the Art Museum area, explore the gardens behind, then continue through Boathouse Row and up to Lemon Hill, a popular picnic spot.


Also check out what might be going on in NoLibs, especially at the Piazza.

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I was actually going to suggest Horizons...didn't know they closed! Govinda's is good as well. There is a movie theatre in University City though a movie really doesn't leave much room for talking unless you do dinner&a movie. Weird and wacky makes me think of the Mutter Museum though that's not exactly romantic. Maybe you could go to the zoo and go up in the zoo balloon? I did that on a date once and though it sounds cheesy it was actually a lot of fun. Good luck!

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