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how to deal with a ex?

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so like i have a ex and his name is Caleb and like i don't think i'm quite over him. Like we broke up 7 months ago and i still think about him. Every now and then i'm finding myself thinking bout him and the thing is i don't want too. It's like he's burned in my head? He hurt me really bad, i men he was sleeping with other chicks while i was going out with him i don't get him? And he just breaks up out of nowhere and finds another girl within 48 hours. Her name is Vicky, and Caleb got her pregnant.


One of the post i'm talking about my dreams, how i have a baby and her name is Angela and it turns out Caleb and Vicky want to name their baby Angela. It hurts, i mean i can't stop thinking about what he did to me. My friends say get over him and he wasn't worth my time, but i can't stop thinking about him.


He sweet talked me then used me now he's in New Zealand.


*is totally confused*


i wanna know how to deal with the emails he keeps sending me saying he wants me back and overall thinking about him.

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thatchick , it is ok to think about him just as long as you remember whilst he is chasing you, he has another love interest with child. Are you willing to accept this? You need to tell him that you want to be the only one iin his life or you are done with him. At this point, if that happens stop answering his emails and cut all contact. The thoughts will subsid on their own with time. Best to you .

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he obviously played you. and played you pretty well


if he really cared for you he wouldnt have done those things wiht other girls whilst with you. dont fall for him again, because he'll just to the same thing, and get another girl pregnant, i know it must hurt so bad, but there are so many other guys out there. Dont waste yoour life thinking about him, you seem young.. so when you grow up and your 30 do you want to remember your teenage years thinking about this guy.. i certainly wouldnt. there are so many nice and loyal guys out there, you just have to search for them. and you cant be too easy with other guys, play hard to get and trust me you'll be irresitibly...(:


and hun stop replying to his emails, i know the feeling you get when you would see an email from him, but he seems like he hurt you really bad. i mean say, if he comes up to you and apologizes and say lets get back together, is that really going to change what he did? sleep with other girls? naming his baby angela? like seriously that is so low, he is totally doing it to annoy you, meaning he still thinks about you.. but dont get happy that he is thinking of you, because he hurt you.. if somebody hurt me like that i would never talk to them. i would suggest conselling, but do you have some really close friends or friend at all that you could disscuss this with?

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mhmm, thaaanks. yeah i do have friends i can talk tooo . i guess he did play me pretty well. actually im working on trying to be hard to get cause then i wont get hurt that easily. thanks anyways, message if you want yeh? and yeah he was trying to annoy me and i am young haha, and no i wouldnt like to think as my tenage years just thinking about some guy who played me .

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