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My ex just asked me out (as friends)...


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We broke up about 2 weeks ago. She was always hot & cold, and she was rude in our break up. She randomly texts me today saying:


"Hi- I assume you dislike me since you defriended me on facebook and took down our pictures. But in the name of friendship, I was wondering you'd like to go to this concert with me. I have an extra ticket, and it's on me."


I have no idea why she would text me this. Does she feel bad about breaking up with me via facebook and not even calling me despite me asking for a phone call? Does she wanna get back together? Or does she wanna make amends and be friends? I don't know. Help please.



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Did she treat as a friend, with kindness and respect? If not, do not respond.


These people are either looking to relieve their conscience or string you along for their ego. You will continue to prolong your pain if you stay in touch.

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