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I was dating this guy for a few months. I found out recently, he was dating another girl as well at the same time. I feel embarrassed I listened to his lies. What I am having the hardest time with is feeling like I wasn't enough for him. Rationally, I know he is a jerk and I am better off without him. I am trying to heal and move on, without completely shutting my heart off. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had their heart broken and learn what helped them move on. As a side note, he keeps trying to contact me and I won't respond to any of his calls nor his text messages.

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HUG thisgirlhere. Sorry to hear about that. I had dated a guy like that (if I can even call it dating); we had been previously friends for some time. I found out he was screwing my best friend while we were "dating". Thankfully, the relationship hadn't been that long. You're better off without that jerk...and he's a complete moron for what he did. You'll find better. You deserve it!


Don't let him push friendship on you or make you feel guilty for cutting ties. You have nothing to feel guilty about; you didn't do anything wrong. It's his consequence. He made a choice.


If you want to be polite, you can say hi to him now and then on Facebook or chat or whatever (IF he sends you a message first)...but I'd leave it at that. I wouldn't talk to him on the phone or have a long chat with him.


My best suggestion: Get out there and start meeting new people. You'll easily forget about him and begin to feel great again!

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