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Could this be a miscarriage? Or just a really strange period?


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I've been on birth control before, but I stopped for about a month and then started again. During the first week of taking them, my boyfriend and I had sex without a condom, but halfway through put one on before he ejaculated. We've done this a few times.


It's been about another month. During this last week, even though I have been taking the pills, I started spotting every day. Well I'm on my period now, and I've never had one quite like this. I'm bleeding so heavily I go through one tampon every two/three hours or so. I have a TON of little blood clots and passed one the size of a quarter yesterday, which surprised me, I had never seen that before. My cramps are so bad, there's also a little sharp pain in my chest, my back hurts, all my muscles are sore, I'm feeling extremely fatigued and shaky, and I feel nauseous, I think I may have a fever but I don't have a way to find out for sure. My periods are usually very light, and I only cramp a tiny bit the day it starts and ends.


I've never had a period like this, it's painful and a little frightening.

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