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So here is a quick background of my relationship...


My guy and I have been together for 8 months. Things are extremely great. We have met each others families, we have gone on vacation together ( going on another one in less than a month), we spend so much time with each other and get a long super great. He was previously in a 8 year relationship engaged for some time, they broke it off a year and a half before him and I met. He says it was done for good, which i believe he even went as far as blocking her on facebook. I know it is done with especially on his part.


My dilemma...


SO yesterday my guy and I are at Fedex shipping a box out I am filling out the paper work , while he is on the phone with his mother. We are planning on meeting his parents later on .. His mom must have said something in reference to us and he proceeds to say "Melissa ( ex's name) and I..." He stopped himself right away and the mom on the phone caught it and said something because then he whispered something , which i couldn't make out. Im sure he whispered something like she didn't hear me, because I wasn't near him but close enough to hear.


IDK if I should be angry or what ??!?!?! I didn't confront him because it is the first time it happened and it was indirectly and I figured it was something out of habit.I didn't want to make a big deal of it being the first time. Should I be thinking that he may be thinking about her ( which i really doubt he is ), how can he easily say her name and confuse it with mine?? Idk these are all thoughts running in my head...

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It happens sometimes. I've referenced and even called someone by an ex's name. Not because I was obsessed and secretly pining over them or having a rendezvous, but when you spent a good portion of your time with someone, sometimes you just do it out of a habit, a little lapse in thought. I even called my aunt 'babe' once when ending a phone call!

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