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Can someone please tell me the world isn't that bad


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I think I am addicted to making myself unhappy. I try not to watch or read the news because its never good and it makes me depressed, but I can't stop. I'm drawn to the stories that will make me have a negative reaction. For instance, today I clicked on a story about women's rights in the military and I read all the comments people made. Bad idea because every other one was some sort of sexist rant. Things like that make me really upset, and hate men, or wish I was one so I wouldn't have to deal with these feelings. I knew beforehand there would be comments like that, but I read them anyway. I'm loosing faith in humanity. I'm not sure I want to live in this world. I don't think I would take my own life, but if I happened to die an early death it would be all for the better. I don't think i'm strong enough to survive in a world where people kill, rape, steal, and generally tear each other down. But all these feelings right now are a result of reading all that crap. I try to tell myself that there are good people in the world too, but on some level I can't let myself believe it.


I don't know if this makes sense, but I feel like I can't be happy in a world where so many people are unhappy. If I just put myself in a bubble and avoided all things negative, i'm sure I could be happy, so why can't I let myself do that?


Feeling defeated :sad: Any thoughts?

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There is so much beauty in the world should you look for it. I will give you an example: I was on my lunch break from work so I placed an order at my favorite local pizza shop. I was running low on cash that week because I had just worked on my car, but I checked my bank statement which said I had 20 or so bucks. More than enough for dinner. I went there and there was an older white guy who looked unfriendly. I thought he was giving me weird looks and assumed he didnt like black people.


So I go to pay for my food and my card keeps getting declined. The food is already made and packaged for me, Im a regular so they all know me by name. I was so embarassed I couldve died. I went outside to call my mom to see if she could transfer cash into my account and that Id pay her back but she couldnt because she was on the road. I was on the clock and didnt have enough time to go home and grab money.


As I was on the phone with my mom trying to figure out what to do the older guy comes outside and said "son the cashier got it right". I didnt have enough time to ask him what he meant, I was trying to get my mom to stop talking so I could ask him but he just got in his car and drove off. I went back inside and the cashier told me he just paid for my food, all $15. the guy who I assumed was a racist bought a random boys lunch and didnt even stay for a thank you. I was so touched I started to tear up (and I havent cried since I was a kid)


there is beauty in the world. it may be few and far between but it is there. you just have to keep the faith.

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There is a lot of good going on in the world and there are great people dedicating themselves to making the world better. The problem is, we never hear about these people because their stories aren't interesting enough. The doctor who works in Africa voluntarily 15 or 16 hours a day, saving as many lives as she or he can, doesn't get any media attention because that's not what people want to read. Alot of people would find that kind of story boring, preferring a story on some chaotic celebrity or a murder investigation regarding serial killings. If you do read a positive story, it's usually rather trivial in the grand scheme of things, such as a dog being rescued after it somehow got up a tree. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy for a minute or two and then it's back to the story about how we're all going to die from some overhyped disease. The media thrives off controversy, scandals, death, prejudice and rape. It's just the way it works unfortunately, good things and good people aren't interesting enough for us.


Firstly, I know you said you can't, but try and at least cut down the time you spend reading news either on the paper or online. 95% of journalism is absolute trash, you only have to look at the News of the world scandal that's been going on in the UK. Instead, if you can, try reading some more alternative news websites. These still cover many of the same issues, but they cover them in a way that is a bit more dignifying and less sensationalist then mainstream media. My favorite international news is Al Jeezera. It reports on some interesting issues, gives an alternative perspective on alot of what is going on from the voice of people who generally don't get a voice and it reports on injustice in a mature and respectful way.


Secondly, realise that the stuff people say anonymously on the internet, while pretty pathetic, isn't exactly a good sample of the general population. The internet is filled with keyboard warriors, misogynists, racists and homophobes. Most of them are 14 year old boys who think it's clever, tough and hilarious to write stuff like that.


Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, YOU can play a part in making the world better. Think of all the great people who have changed the world, they could of easily sat there, accepted the injustice and become depressed. They didn't, they turned their indignation and unhappiness and used it as a drive to do good. I'm not saying or expecting you to be the next Nelson Mandela or Rachel Carson or whoever esle but you can do your bit to make it the world better no matter how small. One of my best friends has recently gotten into running for the purpose of competeing in half marathons so that she can raise money for causes that she believes in. She's competed in several and raised a few thousand through donations made by friends and family. A few thousand is ALOT of money in the developing world. Perhaps you can do something like this and raise money for empowering women in the developing world or volunteer at a women's shelter. Perhaps you could join a women's rights organisation that campaigns, petitions, protests and advocates for gender equality. I'm using women's rights as an example but you could do alot for any particular issue you feel strongly about. The point is, sitting there feeling depressed about the world doesn't do any good, for you or anyone else.


I hope you realise soon that the world isn't as bad as it's portrayed and that there are good people out there doing good things every day.

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Ok dont force yourself to imagine that the world is good, but instead try to find out why the world is bad ? What went wrong in evolution ? What steps you can take in a non violent way to make it beutiful ?

you see hating a particular thing and doing nothing about it is not intelligent. Either do something about it or just forget it and accept it as it is.

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