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ladies is this a turn off?


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okay so i have like a small hair like everywhere on my face. under my eye, my nose, really upper cheek area. i mean its not noticeable but if u look at me closely and depending on the lighting of the sun or any light u can see it. its like a really really small peach fuzz kindof , but im afriad if i get a girl and we are close up looking at each other she'll be able to see it. so wondering if you ladies would hav any problems with that?i know every girl is different but im asking for you opinion. i would say ull be able to spot it if we're like 6-7 inches away

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Everyone has peach fuzz on their face.


This. Feel anyone's face and they will have near-invisible peach fuzz. Even girls. The hair is VERY small and lightly-coloured so you can't really see it unless you're looking for it.


If it bothers you THAT much, I guess you can try to shave it off if it will make you feel more confident.

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If you do that its going to come back more pronounced.




Hair follicles do not multiply because you shave. The hair simply comes back darker (as its not exposed to the sun) and potentially with a slightly coarser texture, but the hair will soon return to its former appearance.

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