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A little smothered?


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I'm 20 year olds and currently live with my parents (we just recently moved to a new state, I haven't had an opportunity to look at other housing options so for the moment this is where I am).

I was invited to go up to St. Louis to stay with a guy I am interested in, and he offered to pay for the plane trip. I plan on going, but telling my parents about it or even bringing it up poses a problem for me. 1) They don't trust my judgement in people and think he will try to take advantage of me somehow, 2) the last time I told them I wanted to take a trip somewhere they managed to call me all sorts of things ("loose" being one of the terms used) and will be generally unhappy with my decision.


I feel like I'm old enough to be able to make my own decisions at this point. I think at 20 years old it's little excessive to be upset with a decision I make which they will not be paying for or really be involved with at all. I don't know how to sit down and approach them about it without them immediately becoming angry at me, but I can't exactly just take off because I live with them. Thoughts?


Edit: Oh I should add that their mistrust in my judgement is pretty solidly unfounded. I've never made a decisions that has gotten me in trouble, hell I've never even gotten a speeding ticket. All of my past boyfriends that have pretty much universally approved of. They don't trust me because, and they've said this explicitly, that I am a girl and I can't take care of myself easily (yeah my mother said this).

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Have you met this guy in person? If not, I can certainly see why your parents are concerned.


Oh, sorry I forgot to mention. No, I have not. I do have friends who know him though. We "met" through a mutual friend.

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