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When ticks are done feeding, they drop off and wait for the next warm body and blood meal. You can't mother or fix anyone. Being a martyr and over-investing will leave you empty and depleted. You can't buy love. Parasites like this are shallow and are generally contemptuous of their victims, not grateful.


^^^This ^^


So where do we order our inspirational calligraphy wall plaques/framed cross-stitch?

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The only thing that works is no-contact. Everything else is just avoiding the truth because it is painful. Trying to regain their attention, grabbing whatever emotional scraps you can. It's just delaying the inevitable and extending the pain.

Yup...That's how it went down for me :-/

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Hate isn’t the opposite of love, hate still has power over you, indifference is the goal, and it takes time, even more so with on again off again, like you said you’ve been on this roller coaster since 2015....someone who could hurt you so many times couldn’t possibly be your soul mate.

And, mark..... :)

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It's perfectly normal to miss an ex. Even bad ones. I'd think there would be someone wrong if you didn't. But just because you miss someone it doesn't mean you have a future with them. You are just grieving the ending of something. Lean into, honor it and know it will pass if you give it time.

Beautifully written, so true and applies to pretty much everyone*

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