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Some advice for anyone who wants it

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I have been following this site for some time and thought I would give back today.


My story is that I am / was hung up on a woman who basically didn't treat me very well ( ignored me, didn't ask about me, didn't care about my feelings etc), and I have been away from her for over a year now. However, she has been in my thoughts almost constantly. A couple of weeks ago, I drank too much and contacted her and she was rude again. Also, I sent her some emails and they were ignored.


So, the point of my message today is that I realize that I made a HUGE mistake by NOT getting out of the house and meeting more women over the past year. Last night, I met up with an acquaintance whom I had only met once before and Oh my God! This woman is intelligent and holds and excellent 2 way conversation. She was interested in me etc. etc. After speaking with her for almost a half hour, I realized what a TOOL I have been for pining over such a low quality woman as my ex this past year. My ex didn't value education and it showed because she just seemed "dumb" when talking with her. Intelligence can't be faked that is for sure..


I don't want to bore people with details, but my advice is for anyone who is hurting over someone.........GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND MEET PEOPLE!!!. A couple of weeks ago, I had sent my ex a couple of messages with the hope that we would have something again.... I am now so embarrassed that I sent those emails. If I would have gotten out of the house more and realized that there are much better women out there, I wouldn't have sent those messages just to feed her pathetic ego. I want a high-quality woman who values education, treats me nice, has a nice personality etc. Getting out of the house last night showed me that meeting such a woman is possible.


No, I am not going to date this new woman, but meeting with her has really showed me what a fool I had been. It is a big world out there with lots of nice people to meet. To be sad about someone who cares so little as to not treat another with respect is such a waste of time.

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Was she a partner of yours or just a girl you were interested in? Either way im happy for you for getting over it


No, she was never a partner but she used to always play me and try to keep me interested in her by staring, flirting etc. She sucked me in really good. Too bad that I always overlooked that she had little personality, low ambition and little curiosity about learning and expanding her mind. Yeah, basically she was / is kind of "dopey". A dopiness ( word?) is just in her expression.

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