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smh, this WOULD happen to me -__-


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So I had a male friend fall for me a few years ago. He asked me to be his girlfriend but I wasn't in to him likethat, soI politely declined. He started dating someone else, and I began to have feelings for him . However, we fell out of contactand eventually I started dating someone else as well.


A few months ago, we started talking again , at the very end of my ex's and I's relationship. Once I brokeup with my ex, he started coming onto me again . It was only a few weeks before he was saying how he wanted me to be his girlfriend, and was willing to wait for me to be completelyovermy exbeforehe asked me. He told friends and family about me, we did a bunch of things together, he told me he REALLY liked me.. and one night we were getting heated and when I told him I wanted to go all the way, he.. wait for it.. told me "not tonight, I don't think you understand how much I reallylikeyou".


Now, the relationship between my exand I isanentirely different story, but even though it its most definitely over, it has left me extremely UN-trusting to men in general and scared to become too emotionally attached to someone else for fear of them hurting me too. So while I really liked this guy, I was scared and it was too soon. So I asked him if we could be just like, a friends with benefits or something, bc in my dumb mind at the time, I thought I would get less hurt that way. So we fell into that routine.


I think I'm ready to actually be in something real with this guy. But, when I asked him if he stillhad those feelings for me, he told me that he had more physical feelings for me eight now than emotional, but that he wasnt really emotionally tied to anyone right now. Which left me kind of like.. oh..


I know this may sound dumb but, is there any way I can remind him of how great he used to think I was ? I know I have that POTENTIAL to begirlfriend material, seeing asheused to see me that way..twice.I REALLYhavefeelingsforthisguy but the timing never seems to work out.. and I'm sure I'm not the only one thats been or is in this situation. Is there anything I can do ? I understand you can't make someone likeyou but how does that work when they've had those feelings for you in the past ?


Any and all advice is greatlyappreciated. Thank you !

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But, when I asked him if he stillhad those feelings for me, he told me that he had more physical feelings for me eight now than emotional


This is all you need to focus on right now.


If you're concerned about getting hurt, then do NOT proceed further with this guy. Consider yourself blessed he's been so honest, and told you he's more interested in nailing you, than dating you.

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