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I Need Help On Jealousy,Emotions And Feelings


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Ok where do I start. I'll first start by saying that me and my dude has been together for 2 years now. But we also have a 14 year old son together from us being together in the past. We broke up and wasnt together for 13 years and I got back with him for our son. Since we been together this time he's become very jealous and insecure. I told him to register an account for Not Alone because he's overbearing. We have issues on trust. me mainly because of his ex calling and texting him night and day. He has told her numorous times that he wants to be with me, but he also calls her back when we have a fight., and accuses me of cheating on him. I have not cheated on him not once since we've been together. If I leave or go somewhere and i'm dressed up looking pretty and a man is looking at me, I look towards the ground because if he sees him looking at me, he says i'm looking back and flirting. When I tell him

"If I wanted to talk to them or him I could, but I'm with you". He pisses me off by constantly throwing my exes in my face, but on that note we got back together I closed the other relationship. I was honest with him about it. His ex continues to call him, and when I speak on it he tells me she's crazy, and will bring up something from when we were together 13 years before. So he tries to defend himself with my past and what he's doing now. He cant accept when he's wrong about something instead he'll bring up something * * * 4 tat. I've matured on jealousy. It's only the one ex that works my nerves.

Oh I almost forgot when we got back together, he was with her, and he called me and told me he needed somewhere to go because she threatning to call the police on him. This was at 2:00am . He told me gangbangers was shooting at him. So here I go being the baby mama thing to go help him out. I went and got him because of what he told me, and now when we argue he says, I should'nt of came and got h im. And for that reason I draw back from him, knowing his words are cutting me each and everytime he tells me you shouldnt of came and got me. He also says we should been friends...duhh we have a son, your not my friend. Even though we argue and I havent made him get out, we'll say we're friends and the minute I get dressed to leave he watches me and tells me everything about who he saw looking at me. I love him, and I know my looks intimidate him because i'm a beautiful black woman and i'm not conceited. I dont flirt. He tells me my eyes are flirtatious. At first I loved when ppl would tell me how beautiful or pretty or cute I am. I use to love to post my pictures on my facebook and myspace, but when he would see other men comments he would swear I knew them, and my family is not my family. I keep telling him over and over I dont believe in cheating, and if it came to me wanting someone else I would close our relationship. Theres way more than this. we need help. He''l jump in the thread, because it's this or it's over for real...

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