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I cry so much lately. But, not at my own things. Like, my paternal grandma died, I cried once. Couldn't draw tears at my great grandmothers funeral. But I can cry at the drop of a hat for other ppls situations. Cry at a funeral for a son of a friend. I never met him. I continually find it hard to comfort her now when she gets down because I start crying when I see her cry and am scared it makes me seem insincere. I even cried tonight while watching the JK Rowling lifetime movie. I don't know why. I feel like there is something wrong with my emotions. My tears only work in the light of other peoples situation. It makes me feel like an a**hole when I can't even emote for my grandparents. What is wrong with me???

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Please don't feel too badly about the lack of reaction to your grandparents' deaths. It's more common than you think.


My mother went through the same thing when her mother died. It wasn't until years later when something triggered a special memory she had of her mother and then she couldn't stop crying for days.


I think, in the same way, you have built up a bit of a mental barrier because you fear the loss of control giving way to your emotions will cause. But those emotions are still there, brimming over those barriers and coming out in the upset you feel over other people's tragedies.


So, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you!

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