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I got a new fur baby!!!!


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We just adopted a baby terrier mix from a local animal rescue organization. My son has been wanting a dog. I saw this little guy on the rescue website and fell in love with him. He came for a home visit and it was an instant bond with my son. So now he is ours forever.


Now....the cat just has to accept him. She's a weird cat. She takes to dogs but will not tolerate another cat for a second.

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I'll PM it to you or anyone that wants to see him. I don't mind sharing I just didn't think it would be fair to post one here only because I'd want to delete it later for privacy reasons but want to respect the forum deletion policy. He is super cute though. I'll send it right now.

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This dog is just so sweet. He is so eager to please and learn and so well behaved. He hasn't cried or barked at night and he sleeps in his bed all night. He's been pretty good with house training too and so far only opts to chew on his toys.


I am so happy he loves to cuddle and be held and that he adores my son.

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