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Despair - how do people cope with sleepless/restless nights?

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I'm really struggling this evening, can't stop crying, thinking about everything, and can't sleep. Last contact was 6pm, and really am determined to not initiate contact.


A good male friend came round this evening, who listened to me howl, listened to whole sorry story (earlier thread) gave constructive advice and his opinion.


I go out, I go to work, I have a good life, I see friends and family, I keep busy etc, but I can't shake the feeling that ending things in 2007 was biggest mistake of my life. Seems to have hit me this evening, and I can't wind down even though this is 5 months down the line, feel humiliated, rejected, and sick.


How do you deal with nights like these?

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1Hopelessincan- I don't drink alcohol, am 35 and have never been drunk, and I've cleaned and ironed myself out!!!

I'm doing the rest.. this site is godsend, least I know I'm not alone....


NeverGoingBack - this is my earlier thread that will answer your question... interested if you have an opinion!





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It's nearly been a month since my ex of 3 years left me, I had the worst nights for the first 2 weeks. I woke up every morning at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep, it's like my mind kept waking me up because I had so much to think about.


I also had 3 nights in a row where i'd fall asleep then suddenly jump out of bed and run to my door half asleep, but then i'd realise and go back to bed.


It really wasn't a good two weeks, infact the worst time of my life. Stress does funny things to our sleep.


I eventually started staying awake really late, until 2am some nights.. eventually I started to sleep properly again as the restless nights caught up on me, now I'm sleeping in until about 11am (which is good)..


There isn't a cure, you can't stop your mind waking you up or keeping you awake - I think it's something you're just going to have to ride out. It'll stop eventually. Just look after yourself, make sure you're eating properly. Don't let your health suffer. (Hell, I didn't eat for the first two weeks..it wasnt good)


Focus on feeling happy, see friends, and family... talk and talk and talk until you're all talked out. Talking is good for healing - maybe it'll calm down all the thoughts in your mind.


I hope I helped a little - even just the comfort of knowing you're not the only one who's been through or going through this. x

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Thanks Bella, you have helped, I wish I's found this site earlier because I've bottled things up for so long and made myself ill the process. I'm going to have a look at your threads... thanks again, everyone has been really cool xx


Ahh I'm so pleased I can help - another thing, I found this forum ESPECIALLY helpful, I'm going through a very bad time in my life, and helping others such as yourself makes me feel good.


Never bottle things up - its ruins people. Infact my ex bottled things, which is why he left me.


I plan on sticking around ENA forums until I'm happy in life again, maybe i'll always stay here to help others.


Try to get yourself happy, or atleast healthy physically and mentally. I made the mistake of making myself ill too - but it happens, we grieve.You can only deal with your situation in your own way. x

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