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Should I go to the US.


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I am a s/w engineer and I have been asked by my supervisor if i can go to the U.S for project work for about an year. I have a two year old kid. I am also responsible for looking after my guardian. My guardian does not live with me right now, she lives in a small village nearly 100 kms away from my place. she keeps coming to my place. She has a heart deisease. My other relatives also live with her but basically i am responsible for her. I lost my parents at an early age and she raised me and provided me the best possible things in the world.

Now the dilemma is, i have never visited U.S and yes i am quite interested in seeing the life at that country. If i lose this oppurtunity now then probably it will be difficult for me to visit that country some later time because then my kid will be studying in a school and then it will be difficult to just go in between. If i go to the U.S now then i will have a burden in my heart that i am leaving my guardian on the responsibility of others. I will be able to help her financially but i will not be here with her at the dawn of her age.


Is U.S really worth it, in my situation. You see i will have to make certain compromises for that, so i want to know, Is life good overthere, i mean after that economic crisis is it really worth going there ???

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The way I see it, your child is young and now is the time to take advantage of something like this. I believe guardians/parents of any culture only want what's best for their children, so, if anything, your guardian would only encourage you to take this opportunity.


In the US, we're really hurting for engineers. Companies of all types would pay top dollar for qualified engineers. And this could be very profitable for you and your family. If anything, it would only help you.

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I wouldn't go. if you are gone a year and you are responsible for the woman who raised you. What if she passes away? Would you feel regret? No, there are many engineers in the US out of work due to the downturn. There are plenty over here, at least where I live. You have to be super specialized if you expect a chance.

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well guys, i will not need to look for a job overthere. The reason is that, I will be sent my company over there and it will send me only when a client is ready to take me. So it's not the client who will pay me, it will be my company which will pay me.

I will talk to my guardian first and see what she says, rest all i have left to the GOD.

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