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Need advice/clarity on situation


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Let me start by saying that my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost two years and he really is amazing. We are 23 years old.


My boyfriend really is a great boyfriend and support system. However, something happened over this past weekend that really upset me and I want your opinion if i have validation for being upset.


I recently had a surgery. It was not a major surgery, but was still a surgery that left me bedridden , sick, and in a lot of pain for several days. The day of the surgery he called to check up on me (we are in different states) and see how I was doing but I couldn't really talk coherently because I was sick and on a lot of pain meds. This weekend he told me he was going away for the weekend with some friends, which is completely okay by me. However, I did not hear from him all weekend, except for 2 text messages asking how I was doing. This really upset and disappointed me. I know that he was with his friends..that is okay but it really got to me that all I got were two text messages asking me how I was. I feel like I at least deserved a call, even if it were for a few mins out of his time, to see how I was considering the situation.


So that is what I am asking ya'll. Do I have a right to be upset/disappointed/perturbed etc?? I am really trying to get an objective opinion and want to know if I am just being a little crazy right now. Opinions please!

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honey i think it's better for you of you just let it go and don't think why he only sent u two messages over the weekend. it least it's better than nothing at all i guess i know you were sick and all but don't expect too much from him. this comes from my personal experience and it ended up blowing in my face. my ex broke up coz he was thinking at he wasn't fulfilling my needs. you should appreciate what you have, just wished somebody had told me this before but now it's too late


Just don't think about small stuff like that in your relationship, coz in the end small things will add up and will be a big issue (again, personal experience). Hope ypu're feeling better though

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Thanks for the advice. Just to clarify though, it wasn't about the amount of text messages but rather that I find text messages to be rather impersonal for the situation, how long we have been dating etc.


Also, Im sorry to hear about your relationship loss but to just give you some words of wisdom in return...A relationship should be about both of you so don't feel bad for wanting things out of that relationship. You will find someone who satisfies those needs in no time. Keep your chin up!

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He probably thought you were "out of it" the whole weekend, based on your phone call. I'd cut him some slack. He was busy. He cared enough to contact you by text. I know how you feel and agree it would have been more comforting to you if he had called. But even your amazing bf isn't perfect, and if the rest of his behavior is great, then I wouldn't sweat this one. When possible, it's helpful to a relationship to let small things like this slide.

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