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yeah she even said she left hickies on a guys neck like it was cute


She's trying to make you jealous. People are just going to look at her and go wow. She is a douche, or just nasty. So just ignore it and let her play her stupid games. Will only make you look better.

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So my question is: why are you dating pre school kids?




Seriously tho' Dude!!!

If she said "I left hickies on some guys neck" then you needed to block her.

She sounds like a nasty person to have said that to you.


You should be glad to be rid of her.

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You did the right thing by blocking her. She dumped you, you took the initiative to do something healthy for yourself and block and delete her.


Who cares if she's upset? She obviously has no regard for YOUR feelings if she's posting these kind of ridiculous things she knew you'd see.


Most people with self respect would do the same thing you did. The first thing I did when my ex dumped me was delete and block him from facebook.

Why would I want to see his life moving on when I still loved him? It would have been counter-productive to my healing to see his face every day, see his updates... Maybe see other women posting on his wall.


I think she's upset because she enjoyed toying with you and ow she knows you're not going to tolerate it. Good for you.

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