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Life On The Rocinante' (After Dark!)


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Thanks to all for the well wishes. I'm actually not leaving for Europe for a few more days. But today is my last day of work. Tonight I'm spending the night in a place that's supposed to be one of the most haunted places in the country... then tomorrow night is my going away party. So I still have some time left in the states. I still think about staying over there when I get there though... time will tell.

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A week isn't enough time to figure out how to stay there...plus, you can't just land in a country and decide to stay, unless you are prepared to live on the streets, and slide off the grid.


The week will FLY by.


However, you can come back with a better idea of what that country has to offer, and figure out if you want to emigrate, then look into it.


You're probably not going to WANT to come back, I never do....;D

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The idea of living on the streets and sliding off the grid for a while doesn't scare me...


If I decided to stay I know I would be committing a crime. I have this whole fantasy worked out in my head... I will change my name and say goodbye to my former life forever... And a few months later the people who really matter will get a postcard with a few cryptic words written on it, just something that tells them its from me. Like my friend Kitty and I have a running joke about sled dogs... Her post card would just say "sled dogs." Etc...


But realistically I know this is practically impossible. This wanting to run away is only a result of hating certain aspects of my life here in the states. Running away has always been my nuclear option...


An interesting bit of info... when I was a teenager one of my shrinks actually encouraged me to run away from home. My home life was so bad at that point that she actually advised it. She told me where a few shelters were that I could go. She actually said "I know this is completely unorthodox, but I think you would be better off as a runaway then you are in that house."




So, on to something else... This morning I had to use Adam's phone to make a call because my phone has been acting up lately. Sometimes it will just lock up and not let me use it. I need to replace it, but that's not top priority right now. It can weight till I come home from Europe.


Anyway, had to use Adam's phone... So I picked it up and went into the bedroom. When I turned on his touch screen there was a text there from a girl we work with. The text said "Where's your wife?!" I suppose she could have been asking why I'm not at work today... but she works second shift, and the text was sent about an hour ago. So how would she even know I'm not at work? Idk... weird.




So now, the big news... last night was really cool. The haunted prison is definitely a scary place... especially with all the lights out. I took a lot of pics and video... the pics will be posted on my blog here soon.

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Adam... I have no idea why you locked me out of the house this morning. I had my keys, but they are useless if the screen door is locked. You know that. I am also confused about why you got all pissed off when I called you and asked you to let me in.


Now, you are up and awake. I've been tiptoeing around the apartment for hours trying my hardest not to wake you up. But you are awake and pissed off about something... What I have no clue.


Right now, I could really care less if you came into this bedroom and beat the crap out of me. Go ahead and make my decision a little easier.

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I really hope that this trip opens your eyes to the possibilities life has to offer. You don't need to run away from your life, but you certainly can run towards a better one. I really feel that the people you surround yourself with are holding you down, and holding you back.


I wish you a safe, exciting, and ephiphanous (is that a word?) journey.

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I really hope that this trip opens your eyes to the possibilities life has to offer. You don't need to run away from your life, but you certainly can run towards a better one. I really feel that the people you surround yourself with are holding you down, and holding you back.


I wish you a safe, exciting, and ephiphanous (is that a word?) journey.


Thank you...


Just these last few days have been eye opening to be honest... and the trip hasn't even started yet.


I sent Friday night with several friends at the bar... I spent last night with several other friends at someone's house... I sent today with Mica and B and tonight with family members. My brother Chris is in Texas right now, but he will be back tonight at around 4am. He is stopping over tomorrow morning to see me before I go. And since Aimee got sick and had to leave early the other night, tonight on my way home I stopped and said a proper goodbye to her.


This time tomorrow I'll be flying over the Ocean. To all my friends here, thank you for the well wishes and I will post a lot of pics.


I have a feeling Life on the Rocinante' will be a lot different from here on out...



Far away

This ship is taking me far away

Far away from the memories

Of the people who care if I live or die



I will be chasing the starlight

Until the end of my life

I don't know if it's worth it anymore


Hold you in my arms

I just wanted to hold

You in my arms


My life

You electrify my life

Let's conspire to ignite

All the souls that would die just to feel alive


But I'll never let you go

If you promised not to fade away

Never fade away


Our hopes and expectations

Black holes and revelations

Our hopes and expectations

Black holes and revelations...

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Day one is Oslo...


So yesterday I landed at around 9:20 AM... I was struck by how quiet the airport here is versus the airports back home. We got off the plane and the first place everyone went was to the Duty Free Liquor store inside the airport. I mean, even before baggage claim. It was funny in a way. I was following the people in front of me and they all went straight in there.


I didn't realize this, but the airport here isn't right in the city... It's a ways away... It was about a 30 minute train ride from there to downtown. The train ride was actually pretty cool, getting to see the countryside and then come slowly into the city.


The walk from the train station to the hostel was interesting too. I couldn't have picked a better neighborhood to stay in. So much of what I want to do is within walking distance. And I am right off of Karl Johan's Gate. That's the main drag here. So, walked right up Karl Johan, to my hostel.


I got here, got checked in, put all my stuff up in the room, and went downstairs to get online and check in... I was so exhausted... I barely slept at all on the plane and even though it was like 11am here it was like 5am back in the US, and so my mind is operating like it's 5am and I"ve been up all night. So I went up into the room and slept for an hour. When my alarm went off at the end of that hour I just kept hitting snooze. I couldn't wake up. So, eventually I just said screw it and stopped setting it. Finally I woke up, all refreshed and ready to go, at 4:30. I was kicking myself pretty hard though... thinking "Damnit, this is my first day here and I slept most of it away..."


So, I took a shower, got all prettied up, and went to look for the tattoo shop.


The tattoo shop is right up the street and around the corner. On the way there I got approached by some heroine addicts wanting to sell my speed. Heroine addiction is a huge problem in this city... A friend of mine who grew up here told me that Oslo is the Heroine capitol of the world. As soon as I saw these guys I knew they were addicts... I've worked with enough drug addicts that I can spot them pretty easily. They were all really thin, they all had dark circles under their eyes and sunken in cheeks.


I turned down their offer, but they didn't seem to mind. I stood there talking to them for a few actually. Over here heroine addiction is such a problem that the government will do just about anything to help the addicts get off the drug. Including free rehab and even free drugs. There are houses here where an addict can go and get high in a clean sterile environment without having to do it on the street. And according to these guys when you are registered as an addict and that kind of help is available, you have "sold your soul."


These guys all had blue tongues... And I asked them about that. They told me that in these drug houses they do something to make their tongues blue so that the addicts are recognizable to other people. I don't know if that's true or not, they could have been just messing with me. But they all had blue tongues which was kind of interesting.


I couldn't find the tattoo shop because there was no sign... these guys were actually nice enough to show me where it was.


So, I went into the tattoo shop, talked to the artist, and made an appointment. My tattoo is going to cost a lot less then I expected. I was thinking it was going to be astronomical, but it's actually pretty reasonable. I'm only paying a little more here then I would pay in the US. (Heh, if I actually paid for tatts in the US... it's nice being best friends with a tattoo artist.)


So, I was walking back from the tattoo shop deciding what to do next... and it started raining. So I went into this little Gelati shop to get out of the rain. Apparently Gelati is big here. I am seeing Gelati shops all over the place... there were even a few at the airport. So I got myself a Gelati and a coffee and just sat for a while, watching people go by and listening to my iPod.


I asked the guy working there where some good pubs are. He directed me to a place called the Rock In. Now... I gotta say, I am in LOVE with this place. Omg... I went in there, and the first thing I saw was a beautiful Gothic staircase heading down because this place is under ground. So I go down into the bar, and there are pictures on the wall of all these Black Metal bands... a lot of the pics were signed, so all those guys have been in there I'm guessing. There was a blackboard behind the bar that said "BAR RULES: RULE #1, THE BARTENDER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. RULE #2, IF THE BARTENDER IS WRONG, REFER TO RULE #1" I knew right away this was my kind of place. And then, as if I wasn't already enamored, DARKTHRONE starts playing! I sat down and ordered myself a big tall one.


I was there at the Rock In until it closed at 3am. I met so many cool people... I met a guy named Attila. And that was his real name too, he even showed me his ID. Also met a 58 year old veteran to the Black Metal scene. He told me all about his days playing bass for this band and that band... He showed me some pics of himself when he was younger.


I had a pretty long talk with this one guy there about the politics over here. There is an election this weekend and so right now there's all this campaigning going on. We talked a lot about the differences between here and the US. I sat and talked to this guy for a long time. He was really interesting to talk to, and he's been all over the states too so he's familiar with the US and the people there.


I met a girl who's a graphic designer here. She works for the people who put on a lot of the music festivals here. I talked to her for a long time too. She invited me to come over here next spring and work at the Inferno Festival... Inferno is a huge deal in the Metal scene. I know people from the US who come over here just to go. She said they need people who speak English to work some of the merch booths and stuff. She also said my look helps too, they want people who have the "metal look." those were her exact words. So, if she was really serious, I will seriously consider it. I always wanted to go to Inferno, now I can come here, have a free place to stay and get paid to be at Inferno. That will be freaking awesome.


I met this really cool (and cute) guy last night who walked me home. We got lost though and ended up making this big circle around my hostel. It's like we went down every street but the one we needed to. But I made it home eventually. At one point we got ourselves turned around and ended up right in front of the Rock In again. So we went back inside and had another beer, lol. Well we were in there a song by Immortal started playing and I was like "This is good stuff, you would never hear Immortal in a bar in the states." And he told me it's awesome that I even know this is Immortal and that I know who they are. I'm all about the Metal... I listen to all kinds of music but I'm first and foremost a Metal chick, and that's why I feel so at home here.


One thing that surprised me yesterday though, was how homesick I felt. It was a combination of homesick and lonely... I was sitting in the Gelati shop when it was raining and despite where I am, I felt sad. I missed everyone back home and I couldn't wait to come back here, get online and go on facebook just so I could interact with people back home. And add to that the fact that I'm traveling alone... So, I'm really glad I found the Rock In and made a few friends here. Tonight I'm meeting up with Monika (Music Festival girl) and Friday I'm going out with Halgaar (the guy who walked me home last night.)


I'm going to the Viking museum today... I'm excited.

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Sounds like you are having a great time.


I am glad that the trip is going well and that you have already made some friends there. It sounds like you chose the perfect place to stay too.


I am having a phenomenal time over here... and now that I am here I really am considering coming here permanently. I don't feel like such an outcast here...


Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself Cynder! Just curious, do you speak Norwegian or does everyone there speak English?


I speak some... not fluent by any means though. Mostly everyone here speaks English. It almost has the feeling of being bilingual over here. A lot of signs are in both Norske and English, etc.

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Day 2...


Yesterday at breakfast something kind of odd happened. I'm one of those people who sometimes associates songs with people/experiences. I think a lot of people do. But the last time I saw Aaron I heard the song "So far Away" by Dire Straits. I don't mean I heard it in my head, I mean it actually played. I remember thinking that song was kind of fitting since he moved to Nashville and all. The music that plays in the cafeteria here is some Norwegian station that plays a mix of American pop music. It's odd in a way. But I was sitting there after breakfast online with my laptop... I went on facebook and suddenly thought "I wonder what Aaron's up to?" And then I swear, not even five seconds later, So Far Away starts playing. It was so bizarre.


So yesterday I decided to go to the Viking Museum. Getting there was an adventure in itself. There are busses everywhere here. It took me forever to find the right bus stop. But eventually I found it. I met this really nice German couple who were also going to the Viking Museum, so I kinda buddied up with them. Going so far away from the Hostel made me a little nervous. No, it's not really that far in terms of miles, but it's on the other side of the city in an area known as Museum Island. Even though it's not really an island, it's a peninsula, still connected to the land.


So we got there, and the German couple paid my way in. That really surprised me. You don't see a lot of random kindness to strangers in the US. But I'm finding it to be the norm over here. I think they probably did it because they felt sorry for me, lol. I have been pretty good at not acting like a tourist so far, but I think it was obvious to them.


So I walked into the museum... When you walk in you are immediately in the gift shop. Most museums here in the US are like that too, but I've noticed here there is usually a wall separating the entrance from the things being displayed. So I was walking around the gift shop just mentally preparing myself to see the ships. I know that might be hard for people reading this to understand... Why do I have to mentally prepare to see a ship? But for me, this was a big deal... I've spent so much time and energy researching the Vikings... But I've never seen anything from that culture first hand. So I knew this was going to be huge. And I turned a corner in the gift shop and suddenly right there in front of me was the ship. I stopped dead in my tracks and really fought hard not to cry. I just couldn't believe I was standing so close to it. It's hard to explain the rush of emotions I felt.


So here I was, face to face with a real Viking ship... I spent a lot of time just sitting there on a bench beside it... I thought a lot about what it must have been like crossing the Ocean in it. The museum is laid out in a really unique way... There are stairways leading up so you can go up and look down into the ships too. There were three ships there. They were the ships found in the Osberg Burial.


link removed


And aside from the three ships, there were also smaller boats, sleds, and other artifacts on display there. I kept thinking about my friend Misti, who was originally supposed to take this trip with me. She ended up backing out though because of personal reasons (man problems, heh.) I took a lot of pictures just for her. I know she was all about seeing the ships... So, I tried to capture as much of it for her as I could.


I felt bad because I went into the room with the preserved textiles from the grave. I took all these pictures in there and then after I left the room I saw that photos aren't allowed in that room.


I went upstairs and was surprised to see the actual skeletons that were found in the Osberg grave on display there. Seeing them was interesting, but it kind of upset me in a way. I found myself wondering how these people would feel knowing their bones are on display in a museum.


I sat for a little while longer with the main ship, then I bought a few things at the gift shop and went outside to the picnic area next to the museum... I was starving, so I bought myself a buger at this little snack bar that was there. This burger was $11 and it wasn't even cooked at the way, lol. But I got something in my stomach, that's what counts I suppose.


I took the bus back into the city. I lost track of the German couple in the Museum...


I wandered around Karl Johan for a little while before heading back to the Hostel. I was planning to get the photos I have on my Memory card off there and onto my laptop... After all, that was the whole reason for bringing my laptop. But, stupid me forgot the cable, lol. I had to laugh at myself for that one. I knew I would forget something. But my memory card holds about 4,000 photos, so I should be ok.


I went to my room, took a shower and got ready to go out. Monica called here and left me a message at the front desk which made me feel all important, lol. It was just kind of cool coming down into the lobby all dolled up and being told I had a message.


So, she came to the Hostel and picked me up. We went to Max, which is the big fast food place over here. I will say this, fast food here is a lot better quality then back home.


She took me to a place called Medieval Park. She explained a little bit about the history... I guess this was an area that was used as a park back in the Viking era. It's a beautiful place... thick forest on a really high hill. And when you walk to the top of the hill the view of the city is breathtaking. I took a lot of pics from up there.


And so then we went to another park that's called Ruins park. This is a park that holds the ruins of a Viking church. It's interesting... people were hanging out with their grills cooking and drinking beer right at the ruins,. I thought that was really cool. It's a piece of history but it's still being used.


So from there we walked to the Opera House. I wasn't even planning on seeing the Opera House when I was here, but I'm so glad I did. I can't even begin to describe this building. It's the most unique building I've ever seen. It's tilted and it's covered in whiled marble so it looks like it's rising right out of the water. And you can walk up it, literally. You can walk up the building to the roof and look out over the city, and it's right on the edge of the water, so you see these beautiful reflections. And to top it off, we were there when the sun was going down, so I got to watch the sun go down on the Ocean from the top of the Opera House.


And this was really cool... there were people skateboarding on the building. I got pictures of that. She told me in the summer time it's pretty common to see people sunbathing there too. And in the winter people try to sled down it, but that's something that's discouraged because if you aren't careful you could slide right into the water.


The whole thing was just so surreal... it really was like something out of a dream. A common motif in my dreams is odd angular buildings and just irregular spaces. And the Opera House really was like something I would see in a dream.


So, from there we walked to the Rock In and finished out the night there. A lot of the same people were there last night that were there the night before. I'm going back there tonight to meet up with Halgaar. I think I'll probably finish out every night I'm here at the Rock In. It's the coolest bar I've ever been to. And after two nights hanging out there they've already made me feel like a regular. Like last night I walked in and everyone knew me, they remembered my name, the bar tender remembered what I drank, everything.


I guess my Mom and my brother haven't been getting my emails. I have no idea why, they are in my sent box. They both asked me to email them every day while I'm here. At first I thought that was a little extreme, but I don't mind doing it. It's nice keeping some connection with back home. I've been messaging B every day on facebook too. He didn't ask me to, I just have been because I know he's really worried for me here. But this morning I got a message from B on facebook saying my Mom actually stopped at his house wondering if he had heard from me. Apparently she hasn't gotten any of the emails and neither has my brother. So now I feel kind of bad for putting them through that. I really don't know what the issue is. But then know I'm Ok now. B told my Mom he's been getting messages from me. And I sent her a facebook message too.


So, I'm getting tattooed today. I'm really excited to see what this tattoo artist came up with. He's amazing... I picked this shop out before I ever even came here because his work is so awesome. I'm really excited... Then tonight I'm not sure what Halgaar has planned but I'm sure it will kick ass.

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Day 3...


Yesterday wasn't as productive as the first two days here... but somehow managed to be the most exhausting.


I left the Hostel at around 11am. My appointment to be tattooed wasn't until 1pm, but I wanted to wander around Karl Johan for a while and take pics. So that's what I did. I got some interesting shots of street performers.


Then I went to the tattoo shop at 1, and the guy who was doing my tattoo wasn't ready to do it. He said he needed about a half hour. So I left and went to this little Goth/Metal store up the street. Then, back to the tattoo shop, and he's tattooing someone else. He said what he had to do was really simple so it wouldn't take long. So I sat and waited and waited... then he asked me if I minded if one of his employees did my tattoo. I had no problem with that at all.


But then I had to explain again what I wanted and go through the whole consultation part of it again. And then she had to draw it up and trace it which seemed to take forever.


In the mean time there were a few people in and out of the shop, one of them was the manager of the band Sepultura.


So even though my appointment was at 1, I started being tattooed at 3. I told her I was meeting someone at 6 and asked if that would be a problem. She told me it was going to take about an hour to do my tattoo.


And I actually need to finish writing about this later because I'm running out of time. Have to be somewhere soon.


To be continued.

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Day 3, part 2...


So, I was getting tattoed and her and I got talking about health care in the US. I told her that so many people back home told me it wasn't wise to get tattooed over here because what if it gets infected, etc. And I told all of them that Norway has some of the strictest health code standards for tattooing, and if by some fluke it did get infected, free health care. So she was asking me all these questions about health care in the US... and she was just appalled by the things I told her. About how there are older people who have to make the decision to either eat or get their medicine, etc. It was an interesting conversation... SHe was like "Hasn't it gotten any better since Obama came into power?"


They love Obama over here... it's interesting. SOmeone else I was talking to said that Norway doesn't hate America near as much since he was elected. I won't go into my thoughts about him because I don't want to get into politics... but he isn't the savior people think he is.


It took her forever to tattoo me. It was worth it though... The tattoo looks amazing. Plus she was really cool to talk to.


Finally at ten till six I was done. I went to pay her and she told me they only accept cash... all I had was a card. So she walked me to an ATM and I withdrew the money.


So I was late getting ot the Rock In. But that's alright though, he forgave me, lol. We sat at the bar and drank and talked... This HUGE German guy came over and sat with us, and with him was this little mousy looking guy. At first I only saw him from behind and I wasn't even sure if he was a man or a woman. It was the build maninly, he was small.


So we are all hanging out and talking... and the mousy guy said he was in a band. I asked him what band, he said Carpathian Forest. That's when I turned into a blubbering ass, lol. I LOVE Carpathian Forest... one of my favorite bands. And he's not only the singer but he's the main guy behind them, he writes all the music and stuff. I've seen all kinds of pics of him, but he always has corpse paint on in the pics.


So, here I am hanging out with the one and only Nattefrost. And I was a little drunk by that point (but so was he, so it's all good.) I took a few pics of him, I got one of myself with him. THe whole thing was so surreal.


It was starting to get kind of cold outside on the patio, so Halgaar and I went inside for a while. We pretty much just sat and drank and BSed for the rest of the night. He asked me what I was doing the following day. I told him going to the sculpture park. TUrns out he lives right by it, so we made plans to meet up and go there together. When we both left the Rock In, he showed me where to go in the subway station to get down to his place the next day. By this time I'm pretty lit so I'm hoping I can remember how to get there the next morning.


After him and I parted ways for the night I decided to walk up to this fast food place right up the street and get some food. I hadn't eaten since breakfast and I was starving. Sitting alone in the fast food place I started feeling really homesick. I don't know if it was the alcohol or what, but it just came on me all of a sudden.


When I was walking home I kept trying not to cry. I was having a really hard time controlling it though. And some guy came up to me and was like "Are you alright Miss?" Right away I though he must be up to no good. I know that's a really cynical way of thinking. But what I've seen of the people over here, that doesn't happen much. I figured he can probably tell I'm a tourist because of my camera bag, and he can see I'm upset, so he's going to try to take advantage of that.


At first I just said "I'm ok." and I kept walking. And he was like "I can tell something is wrong, do you need help?" I said "No, I'm just upset."


He kept walking with me wanting to know why I was so upset. Eventually my loose drunk lips just came out with it and told him I miss everyone back home. He convinced me to go back to the Rock IN and have a beer with him. I felt kind of bad because he bought a round for us and I didn't even finish mine. But I thanked him for it anyway. He walked me back to my hostel and gave me his email address. It's weird... He never even told me his name.


So ended Day 3.

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Day 4...


Yesterday was kind of a rough one for me. It started out fine, but by the end of the day I just wasn't feeling well at all.


I woke up really early and couldn't get back to sleep.


So I got myself all ready to go to the sculpture park. I was really stressing out about taking the subway... I don't know why. I just thought for sure I would screw up somehow and get myself lost. But I actually did fine. I have no experience with public transportation other then taxis... where I'm from that is the only public transportation... here that's what most people use most of the time. Most people (from what I understand) don't even own cars here.


When I was buying the ticket I had a little trouble with the machine. The guy working at the subway station helped me out though... He also warned me that there are "professional pickpockets" in the area that I'm getting off at, so be careful. So, before I got on the train I stuck all my money and everything in my bra. I figured I don't care how professional they are, no one is getting in there without me knowing it, lol.


Halgaar told me there would be a Newspaper/Tobacco shop right on the platform when I get off the train, he said to wait for him on the bench beside it. So that's where I waited. I had a long wait because I gave myself plenty of time to get there. We were meeting up at 11 and I was there at 10.


So I had some good people watching for an hour. I saw a lady dressed in full renaissance garb get on the train. I saw a guy with a dog that was obviously scared to death of the subway. It was a big dog too... It looked like a Great Pyrenees. This guy had this dog on a leach and was walking to get on the train and the dog just didn't want to go anywhere near the train. So I'm watching this guy fight with his dog and trying to get on the subway. I know I shouldn't have but I laughed a little. It was funny as hell.


So, it was a little after 11 when he showed up. There was some kind of street market thing going on yesterday near the sculpture park, so the street was really crowded. I mean it was just shoulder to shoulder... this was the most crowded I've seen it on the street the whole time I've been here.


The sculpture park is awesome. I took a few pictures and then my battery died. I changed the battery, only to find out that my other battery was dead too. Sucks, because I charged it before I left (so I thought anyway.) Adam unplugged the charger and I guess it never got fully charged. That's ok though. I got a few really good pics.


So after leaving the sculpture park we stopped at this little corner store and got a 6 pack and went back to his place. We sat and drank and listened to music and BSed for hours. It was pretty cool. He lives in a loft, I've never actually been inside a loft apartment. He had to leave because he was going to a football game. But he walked me back to my Hostel first. I was surprised at what a short walk it was. I kept thinking I could have just walked instead of taking the subway.


So I wandered the neighborhood for a little while. I watched a street painter doing these awesome paintings really fast. I saw this guy playing the violin... he was awesome. I stood and listened to him for a while and actually tipped him.


I came back to the Hostel, changed my clothes, and went and got some food. Then I went down to the Rock In. I was sitting alone on the Patio for a while. I was starting to get really tired... I mean, this is a kind of exhaustion I don't feel too often, not even after working a ten hour shift back home. It's hard to really explain.


So, sitting by myself at the Rock In, and here comes Nattefrost again. He sat with me and we talked for a long time. It was a pretty good conversation. We talked about music mostly, but also about US politics and stuff. It's surprising how many people over here know exactly what's going on in the US.


I had to go back to the Hostel at 7 to check my messages because I was waiting to hear from someone. So I excused myself politely when some guy he knows got there and they started talking. I went back, no messages. I was so tired, but determined to have a good Saturday night here. I went up to my room and laid down for a half hour. Got up, freshened up a little, and went back to the Rock In. There was no one there now that I know. So I sat and drank one beer. I was practically falling asleep. So... despite how bad I wanted to stay out till the wee hours... my body just couldn't handle it. I came back to the hostel, got online for a little bit, and then crashed. I kept thinking I'm going to be kicking myself for this one. Saturday night in Oslo and I'm in bed at 10pm. But it's alright. I have been out last partying every night that I've been here. One early night isn't really a bad thing.

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Hey Cynder...


What's the tattoo of? I'm not into them myself, but I think it's really cool that you got one to commemorate your trip. Sounds like you're having a blast.


The homesickness is normal. I notice it seems to happen when you eat alone, that's not uncommon at all. Whenever I was on business trips, I always ended up getting takeout and going back to my room, because I always felt like a lonely loser sitting there by myself (even though I don't think that way of others).


Anyway, sounds like you've met some cool locals, which IMO is the BEST - you get to see things from their perspective, rather than the tourist companies. And it sounds like you're striking a really good balance between getting to know people and seeing some cool stuff.


Hope the rest of your trip is equally amazing..Don't forget to offer your couch to the people you get to know if they want to come to the US...you can build a fantastic network for travel opportunities, just by being hospitable.

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My tattoo is of a Vegvisir. It's an Icelandic symbol that was used in spells to (I've heard two dfferent versions) either help the wearer find their way through rough weather OR help warriors find their way home safe from battle. Either way, it fits.


I have offered my couch to everyone I got to know over there. They all said the same thing... "I have no desire to come to Cleveland." Lol... I think just to be a smartass I'll post this vid on some of their facebooks and be like "You sure you don't want to come to Cleveland?"




I didn't write about my last couple days there just because I didn't have time. But I want to sometime soon while it's all still fresh.

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So, I have a cold. I guess it was bound to happen with the changing weather and the jetlag and all that.


Yesterday someone called me all the way from Norway. I'm not sure who it was. They didn't leave a voicemail and I can't call them back on my phone. I guess I'll have to break down and install skype on my laptop. I'm afraid to do that though because when I installed it on my desktop it also installed google chrome, which screwed up the computer.


I think B finally figured out it's over. We will always be friends but I think last night was the last time I'll have to tell him there won't be anything more any time soon.

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So... I decided I am no longer settling for this crappy job and this crappy living situation. I am looking at an apartment later on this week. It's affordable, in a nice location, and pets are allowed.


I found two jobs to apply for also. One is a quality assurance job (what I do now.) And one is a shipping receiving job, (something I"ve had decent experience with.) I decided though, that I will only take a job if it pays more then what I make now. So, I may be looking for a while.

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So... I decided I am no longer settling for this crappy job and this crappy living situation. I am looking at an apartment later on this week. It's affordable, in a nice location, and pets are allowed.


I found two jobs to apply for also. One is a quality assurance job (what I do now.) And one is a shipping receiving job, (something I"ve had decent experience with.) I decided though, that I will only take a job if it pays more then what I make now. So, I may be looking for a while.


That's great Cynder. You sound very motivated and empowered. I hope you can make a job change soon and that apartment works out too.

and pets are allowed.


So important for us animal lovers. I forget, what do you have for pets currently that would move with you? I know you lost some over the years.

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That's great Cynder. You sound very motivated and empowered. I hope you can make a job change soon and that apartment works out too.



So important for us animal lovers. I forget, what do you have for pets currently that would move with you? I know you lost some over the years.


Currently I have one cat. I had a small zoo at my place at one point... I had snakes, a tarantula, a dog, 4 cats, a turtle and a ferret. Now they are all gone.


I went by where the apartment is today though. Now I'm not all that sure. It's in a really bad neighborhood.

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