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Is she a tease?


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Hello -


Last year there was a girl in my class. We got a long well, and helped each other with homework etc. We were never close, or even close to being close.


Since then we've been chatting on facebook a lot (the class is over), and she was telling me about the tattoos she has. They are in, uhhh, private places.


I expressed desire to see them sometime (as I am thinking of getting a tattoo).


Over time the online chats got more suggestive, talking about her body etc, to the point where she said she would **** me, or at least give me a BJ.


Every time we see each other now, or talk online, we have very pleasant conversations, and she leaves me, basically saying, "maybe ill let you **** me, maybe not." And bats her eyes and smiles.


Is she just being a tease, or will she actually do this? How do I tell her to, basically, put out or stop making me think you will.



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Don't give her the power. Next time she says "maybe I will xyz, maybe not" You come back with "maybe I will xyz YOU, maybe not". Get with the flirting my friend and don't wait too much longer before you take this to it's logical, albeit sordid, conclusion.

If she is just a tease, best to find out sooner rather than later, call her on it and move on.

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