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Long distance fight over text


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I've been communicating with a guy long distance for almost a year, was sort of there for him when he was going on and off with his ex, so we were just friends but I always felt like there was something more. He's been broken up with his ex for around six months and met each other a few times now. The last i saw him he told me he wasn't ready for a relationship and that he needed to be alone for a while, which I completely respected though secretly it hurt me cause I've really started liking him. A couple of days after we had a discussion about this, we had a miscommunication and basically he over-reacted. He compared me to his ex, who he had called a pyscho at one pt. I was very hurt and I tried to clear up the misunderstanding but he wouldn't listen. He finally called me and I explained I tried to show him that I hadnt been bothered at all. We didnt talk for a few days after that but I felt like we were on delicate ground and I just wanted to go back to the way were so I was the first to contact him very casually. We starting talking again but not as much as before and he explained that he has a lot of anger inside of him because of the past but he hoped that it wouldn't push me away. Obviously, I am

Really attached so I started feeling closer to him

Again. A week later when we were texting each other, I felt he was being rude and I thought maybe it was something I said. He found some words that I'd used in a funny way.."immature" an not in a funny way. Again, like a loser that I am, I thought him calling something I've said "immature" for the first time, thought it was me again. I brought back something from an earlier convo thinking that was it. It made him even more angry and the text he sent me showed that. I was so upset that I misread his text and responded

Angry for the first time ever.

An hour later I realized I had misread his text and I sent another email apologizing and said I realized that I had read too much into things and it was not fair to him. Later that day I texted to ask if we could talk but he never texted back. It's been a week and I haven't heard anything back. A part of me feels I was starting to get to clingy cause I really liked him and he wasn't ready to deal with it, but this is not the way I wanted things to end and it hurts me that it was over something so stupid. I always blame

myself and I really feel there's nothing else I can do except say sorry. I'm

hoping at some point he'll think of me but it scares me to think

He might not. This was the first time I really liked someone so I was very open and didn't really play hard to get. I thought why play games? But apparently this whole business is a


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