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I met a guy 2 weeks ago but we have known eachother through friends for about a year, but never spoke.


We randomly met up a week ago and spent the night barhopping and at the end of it he asked for my number. We went out on a date the following week and it was amazing. he held my hand, kissed me and was genuinely interested in what i had to say.


He left the next day on a trip to Canada for 3 weeks. He told me he was almost not looking forward to it now, implying he didnt want to leave because of me.


2 days after arriving (Friday) he sent me an sms asking how i was and sent a picture of his view from the hotel. We chatted a bit and then said goodnight.


Yesterday i saw through fb (he posted a message on his wall), that he had lost his phone. I waited until today to send him a casual message to say hello and ask how he is.


My question is, does this mean he is interested in me, because he sent a message & should i leave the initiating up to him since he is on holidays and i dont want to disturb him?

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