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Please help! I did something really stupid


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Ok. So here is my messed up story (I will try to keep as short as possible)


My boyfriend and I have been together 4 years (most of it spent in a long distance relationship). Last year, we spent over 6 months apart. During that time, I sent him some nude pictures (BIG MISTAKE). I regretted it afterwards, but hes my bf of 4 years, so I didnt think TOO much of it.


We are living long distance again. Last night he called me, yelling that I cheated on him (I HAVENT). When I asked him what was up, he told me one of his friends sent him nude pictures of me that I sent them. I have NEVER sent ANYONE nude pictures except for my bf.


I am freaking out. I dont know if he is lying to try to get soemthing out of me, I dont know if someone somehow got AHOLD of those pictures I sent him. If someone did get ahold of them, is there anything I can legally do to try prevent them from distributing the pictures? It could ruin my life!


PLEASE HELP! I have NO idea what to do

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Your boyfriend's a liar. He sent those pictures to his friends.


There is nothing you can do about it. Learn from your mistakes. I would not be associating with him again.


There is no way anyone else could have got hold of those pictures - except from him.

You can't know that he is a liar - there could be other explanations.


OP - are you sure they are the same photos?

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Your boyfriend is not a good boyfriend and you know this. I remember all your old threads (which are now deleted) that listed all the abusive things he did to you.


He is not a good man. He is either making this story up or he did in fact send them to his friends. But this story is nothing compared to the other crap he has put you through. I hope that one day you will realize you deserve alot better than this person.


I'm sure you two will break up over this, get back together, he will then find another reason to break up, then get back together.....enough's enough already.


This relationship can't be good for your sanity or your self-esteem.

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Im not sure they are the same photos, he tells me that 'unless I tell him the truth', he wont tell me who sent them.

But I have NEVER taken photos for anyone else, Ive never gone on webcam, Ive never sent pictures to anyone...

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This man definitely sounds abusive. He is trying to control you and make you feel guilty. Makes me wonder if he is the guilty one and sleeping with others and is just offloading onto you. Listen, when you are 40 and perhaps you come accross one of those pics somewhere, you will look at yourself and think, "Wow, what was I so ashamed of!" So, some ex has nude pics of you; so what? Forget it, forget him and move on. x

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