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Day 7 of NC


What occupies most of my thoughts about him is the question "Does he miss yet?". Did he notice he's been at home along for 7 days? He hasn't heard my voice, seen my face, heard my laughter. When he sees the things I left in house; the body brush in the shower, the protein powder in the kitchen and the low carb wraps in the freezer, do I even cross his mind? When he sits at his desk, switches on the desk lamp I bought him, uses my CD drive to burn a CD and looks at the replica of his favorite sports car I bought him for his birthday, does he think of me?


After I've been in his life for a year, is it really possible that in one moment he can just erase me from his memory, act like I never existed and get away with it without feeling an ounce of emotion?


He is the king of cognitive distortions and illusions. He will rewrite history and he will believe it. I've seen him do it before. I'm just wondering how long can a man convince himself he has no feelings before they surface and bite him in the ass!

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